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Room for improvement. Decor is great. Well thought out. Rustic. Simple. The big family table front-and-center in the dining room is a nice touch. I wish they would not only seat it with large parties, but seat either end with smaller parties. That would be a truly unique, and hopefully positive, farm-to-table experience for most Houston diners since it's rare to do that in this part of the country! After the hostess sat us, service was rough. We had a young, inexperienced waiter who was too young to even serve alcohol, which was tragic, because we not only went without alcohol for way too long, but because our initial experience with this budding establishment, that has undoubtedly cost its owners their blood, sweat and tears, was left in the hands of a 16 year old. When you are an up-and-coming restaurant, you can't trust your establishment to inexperienced staff. One of your best investments is to hire experienced waiters in your first year of business. Unclear why they are advertising themselves as farm-to-table. If you are TRULY wanting to provide local and fresh, is it because it's trendy (totally) and will sell (yup), or is it because you are concerned about the way we eat as a society and are passionate about changing that, and providing healthy, sustainable food? I'm worried with Black's it's the trending that's doing the motivating. First of all, the portions were too large and too cheap to be truly local. If you are using locally sourced/fresh ingredients, your prices either need to be higher to account for the higher quality ingredients, or your portions smaller. And I'm always disappointed when I see a 'farm-to-table' restaurant focusing on large portions. As a culture we eat too much. As a society, we are hopefully inspiring restaurants like this to serve us smaller, more reasonable portions of higher quality, delicious food. Having to either throw away or take food home = waste, which defeats the purpose of a 'locally sourced, fresh, farm-to-table' restaurant. This is why I question the motivation of the owners. In addition, Maine lobster was on the menu. Not local, not helping any local fisherman in a 700 mile radius, and completely unnecessary because we have a ton of incredible shellfish in the Gulf. The food was hit and miss. The ribs, amazing flavor, tough texture. The homemade potato chips, incredible. The crab and kale dip needed salt and spice and sadly came served luke-warm. If it had been hot, spiced, and covered with a bubbling cheese, it would have been to-die-for. The grilled cheese, delicious. The chicken and biscuits, just ok - good flavor, but chicken should be crispy-fried, and the biscuits were way too dense, the person making them handled the dough way too long. The market fresh fruit (naval oranges), excellent. The vegetable soup, terrible. I'm sad to say, I've had better from a can. The shrimp and avocado salad was ok. All very fresh ingredients, and the bacon delicious, but the shrimp tasted previously frozen, and were overcooked and rubbery, which is very sad since they were the only locally-sourced shellfish on the menu that I could see. Dessert was ok. The pecan pie filling was delicious, but the crust was very sad, and let's face it, a pie is only as good as the crust. Probably the same person making the biscuits was making the pie crust, because it needed more fat (butter or crisco), and had been over-handled, so it wasn't flaky at all. The chocolate cake was dry. The icing was tasty, but needs a hit of coffee to bring out the chocolate flavor. Hopefully Black's reads reviews because they could really be something special in the over-served, over-eaten, over-saturated Houston restaurant market! Houston needs more restaurants like this. But ones serving smaller portions of higher quality food and helping support our rich, local agriculture industry, instead of being one more big-plate restaurant buying their supplies from generic vendors. Good luck Black's!
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