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Rare genetic disorder didn't stop her from becoming a passionate and attractive dancer
performer from Baltimore, Maryland - Jacqueline Boxx, was
teaching dance classes when she was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos
Syndrome - the rare and incurable condition makes her joints
susceptible to dislocation. And Jacqueline decided to continue

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Introducing Twinstincts: Let Freedom Ring!
WheelchairPride is excited to introduce a guest blogger going under the nickname of Twinstincts . She has a warm charming personality and some experiences and thoughts to share with all of you. Enjoy reading her posts and let us know what you think! Written...

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Wheelchair Push Rim Covers - Improve Grip, Help Protect Hands and Style Your Chair
Many wheelchair users experience problems when pushing their wheelchair.  For many people, especially those with hand mobility limitations, the push rims can be too slick even when using wheelchair gloves. In addition, many find that the push rims can get e...

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How To Choose A Manual Wheelchair
This is an amazingly well done video about how to choose a manual wheelchair. What seems to be missing is pros and cons of folding versus rigid frame wheelchair. Rigid wheelchairs are usually lighter and perform better, because folding wheelchairs have more...

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Wheelchair Accessible Escalator??
Am I the only one who has never heard of a wheelchair accessible escalator?? Sometimes technology takes me by surprise. Is this wheelchair accessible escalator only available in Japan? This is pretty cool:

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Camera Operator: Great Job For A Wheelchair User
Stanely Kubrick used a specially modified wheelchair to shoot The Shining and Clockwork Orange, as can be read in this article . Apparently, the wheelchair enables a very steady shot when filming moving objects, like the little boy riding his big wheel tric...

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What Do Asian Wheelchair Users Do About Dirty Wheelchair Tires?
Jenny Hones is a Japanese American blogger writing about Asian culture, lifestyle and interior design. One of her posts entitled " The Asian Custom of Removing Shoes at the Door " attracted my attention. In that post Jenny explained the history of the custo...

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Wheelchair Hand Rim Covers In All The Colors Of The Rainbow : Make Your Wheelchair Go From Bland to Beautiful
Are your wheelchair handrims scratched and ugly? Is it uncomfortable pushing against cold, hard aluminum wheelchair hand rims? Are you looking for a better grip when pushing on your wheelchair hand rims? Colorful Ultra-Grrrip Handrim Covers by RehaDesign wi...

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My Top Ten Favorite Christmas Carols : FREE!
I enjoy listening to many Christmas Carols free courtesy of YouTube. So, I decided to put together a collection of my favorite. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do: 1. The first time I heard Callie & Colette sing God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen I was stunned...

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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Wheelchair Users
Are you shopping for a Christmas Gift Idea for a wheelchair user?  Alison, the "Safety Mom" has put together some fun suggestions for unique Christmas Gifts for wheelchair users. In addition to being an expert on safety issues. Alison is the mom of a child ...
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