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always aim for a better Y-o-u
always aim for a better Y-o-u

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American Immigrants do pretty well. They start about 20% of the business and actually create a LOT of jobs in the US. Immigrants have been the cornerstone of the countries success.

But immigrants still have issues here in the US. Just having an accent from any country can be challenging for immigrants. Americans have stereotypes of immigrants. This can be challenging for some immigrants.

We have a site at that is a repository of a lot of our content.
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African American guy chose a foreign wife (filipina) ..................
................We met in 2011 and got married in 2014. Why did I search in other countries to find a spouse.
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We met black/Asian - Blasian pioneer lily petals 4/1/2018!

As great as her channel is ( she is WAY cooler in person.

Thanks for all your advice. Thanks for caring enough to give your honest opinion.
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Here are some of the DO's and DON'Ts of Dating a Filipina. Really, it applies to any international / interracial couple. There can be a little extra work that goes into it.

Extra Footage provided by
Ken & Semperfi1918

Linas World:

HT Logistics
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We talk to PurpleShadow about the importance of getting connections in the Philippines for business, properties, or just visiting.

It makes it much easier to get things done in the Philippines when you have someone you can trust to help you out.

Check out PurpleShadow's Channel here:

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if you need help in processing and filling out your documents to bring your loved ones to the US. Try this service, we have heard many success stories from them so I can now recommend them.goodluck guys!
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Someone asked us if they can ask their Filipina girlfriend to spice up their sex life. We said YES!!

Then they asked if they can ask her for a 3-way, also known as a threesome.

Should he? What do you think?
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We did a live where we talking about Pararescue, Notice of Actions success, ethiopian women, and someone asked if Yuri's sister is racist. We talk about many other things and you can see the whole discussion here:

Join us for weekly random discussions live to be apart of the conversations.

Instrumental produced by Chuki

Special Thanks to:
T. Elliot
HT Logistics
Loius M!!
Emilio A.
Darryl Charity
SciFi George
Tim H
Mike Angelo
David Thomas
Benjamin K.
Art's Place
Lina's World
William G.
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In a relationship it's not always sunny weather.

Sometimes it snows. Sometimes there is a blizzard.

But if you love someone. IF YOU REALLY love them. You will try to get through it with them.

If you are a team, then you already know its YOU TWO against the world.

And whatever the challenge is, you are ready to face it together. That is the mindset you will have as a team.

But sometimes you hit REALLY hard times. You find out something shocking about your partner, you just had a bad argument, or there are times when if feels impossible to talk, or maybe someone has really been in a bad mood or maybe your not sure if you even want it to work anymore. Life happens and it’s not always good.
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