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The eternal bond....
The eternal relationships bond...

From core of my heart I have a little story to tell .Kutkut, being a smart kid..always used to assist Poonam everywhere...she was sharp at maths..always assisted Poonam whenever she used to go to some shopping. She was best at solving sums at her favorite black board and Param's hospital's letterpad. I regular visits to their place and could find her with her little v\cute brother miku, on roof..solving and drawing stuff on blackboard. Either you will find both cute little devils(kids are often connoted as devils in cute sense). She loved being a teacher to miku..she used to solve sums on board and used to seek permission as..Mama main khel lu..Those arithmetic sums were play or some kind of game for her. .She used to stock all color chalks..the moment we used to enter..we could find her siting on Param's chair..sitting as a doctor..using the same prescription notepad...and Param's used to struggle for a page..What a hilarious situation it was.. she could solve some math equations and she said ok let’s do it foe chips as prize!
She kept on solving every single math her was giving out to her she was unstoppable she got some gifts also for them.. Everybody used to be surprised to see how confident she was everyone was cheering for Kutkut, schol kids and their parents and everyone around in school.. Her duster used to be polish brush..for which pram again to used to have tough find to clean his shoes..n she used to get scoldings from him. But whenever he used to see her solved sums, Param and Pooanm with miku always gave her a big hug and used to say individually- I’m proud of u
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