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Facebook is really starting to feel like the place I can't stand to go anymore because it reminds me of the worst things about myself. Also, aside from my friend who posts cute stories about her kids, it's almost entirely self-promotion. Is this the fate of every social network?
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do you see this problem coming from users or the way the network is built?
Wish I knew. Seems psychological. Old interfaces and modes of interaction reinforce negative behaviors, perhaps? Facebook just feels dirty.
Facebook is definitely self promoting. I am over seeing the same baby in 50 different posts and I could care less who needs a freaking cow for there farm. At least on G+ I can pick and choose which posts to read. It's more informative than self promoting. What do you guys think? Will G+ catch on with everyone like Facebook did? Does it even matter? I like the way it is now.
+Clifton Bell- I don't see G+ catching on with everyone, but I don't think that's important. I want creative, interesting, smart people to follow... not to be rude, but most of my Facebook 'friends' don't fit that description. I like G+ as it is now and only see it getting better as I find more people who have something to contribute.
+Drew Ortiz That's the asymmetric nature of Google's "circles" feature making that possible. I uncircle people all the time, just like I unfollow them on Twitter. "Hide" just doesn't cut it, and FB's new "subscribe" feature is too little, too late. Lipstick on a pig.
+Drew Ortiz - I don't think your being rude. If your Facebook friends are like mine, they're not even on here to read this anyway. I have almost 300 people in my circles and my stream is the most interesting reads I can find on the internet.
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