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Sabra Gubler
I have kids and a sewing machine.
I have kids and a sewing machine.

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um, so this is, like, the coolest thing EVER!!!  Sound wave graphics!?!?  Seriously!  That jacket is absolutely amazing.  I'm in awe.  And any kid named Jonas has to be the coolest.   We didn't name our son after any particular thing, either, but when people ask if we named him for the Jonas Brothers (don't get that as much as we used to), I'd always say, "Nope, Weezer." 

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YAY!! Extended through today!
Sewing pattern sale!! Extended one day so you can get 10-20% off through Saturday! Stock up on patterns for clothes, toys, bags, quilts and more! Stop by to get the details! 

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A Study Hall hoodie from Go To Pattern's Study Hall Jacket pattern.  A fall wardrobe staple and a fun sew. 

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The skirt, and the top, look great.  And you look fabulous in them.  I have a really hard time looking at the camera, I always look off to the side.  This competition has brought a ridiculous amount of insecurities to the surface for me, and I thought I already had a lot.  But hopefully we'll all be better for pushing through and embracing who we are, and celebrating what we can do.  I love the animal print.  Also, super cute shoes :)
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