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Ian Herndon
Works at Bright House Networks
Attended Jones International University
Lives in Clearwater, Florida
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Hello all!

I have a friend at work who is interested in becoming ITIL certified. 

The Business Manager of training for ITIL they have spoken with said people with no prior exposure can clear the certification if they go through the online courseware for 8-10 days before class. 

Obviously each person is different, but can anyone provide their feedback on whether or not 8-10 days is a realistic prep time period?

Thank you!

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Ian Herndon

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We just reached 2,000 members!!!
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Ian Herndon

● Topic of the Month  - 
Topic of the Month - April 2013

Office Apps & SharePoint
(Suggested by +doc sridhar)

Which apps do you use the most?

Do you have an example of an app that saved(s) you time and/or your employer money?

What app do you wish you had more control or flexibility over?
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We use Visio and publish them in .vdw on SP2010.  End users do not need Viso to view them.  Saves many CALs or time/effort to save as PDF and upload.
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Ian Herndon

● Topic of the Month  - 
Topic of the Month - March

SharePoint Workflows! 
(Suggested by +doc sridhar)

What's the first workflow you ever created and what was it intended to do?

How many workflows would you estimate you use specifically yourself? Your organization as a whole?

What is the most complex workflow you've seen? Most complex you've created yourself?

Do you have any situations that you've come across where workflows quantifiably saved you/organization time/money? How much?

If you've worked with workflows across multiple SP versions, how would you compare them to one another in terms of progression?

Is there something you've been trying to accomplish through a workflow for awhile but just haven't seemed to get it worked out? What is it? 
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Has anyone in the community created a SP workflow using Visio ?

How was the experience ?

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Ian Herndon

● Tips & Tricks  - 

Alright so I'm looking to easily show list items based on the last 7 days. After some googling I found the easily solution for this was to actually just use [TODAY]-7.

Now while this seems to work perfectly, the problem I run into is I guess it's basing it off of the current time of day. What I'm seeing is not just the last 7 days but also a small portion of a day I don't want included.

To rectify this I figured maybe I'll just convert the [Created] column using =TEXT(Created,"mm/dd/yyyy")

The conversion worked and now all I have are date fields to work off of which is what I want. However, now it seems like [DateOnly]-7 doesn't work at all. I'm to assume this is because it is no longer recognized as a date and instead text.

Any suggestions on how to display only the last 7 days of items with OotB list features?
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Actually now that I have the original formula you gave in your first post, that's getting me thinking on some other ways I could use that for different things. Also, =DATE() wasn't something I knew I could use to trim time. Tyty
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Ian Herndon

ITIL Service Design  - 
Hello all!

I have a friend at work who is interested in becoming ITIL certified.

The Business Manager of training for ITIL they have spoken with said people with no prior exposure can clear the certification if they go through the online courseware for 8-10 days before class. 

Obviously each person is different, but can anyone provide their feedback on whether or not 8-10 days is a realistic prep time period?

Thank you!

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Si es verdad es muy bueno, 
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Ian Herndon

Questions  - 
I am currently looking for the section which lists Uncirclers. For some reason I am not seeing it though.

Is it listed somewhere below and I'm just missing it?

* Filter*
 Source: any
 Circles: any
 Relationship: any
 Engagement: any
 Relevance: any
 Inactivity: any
 Copies: any
 Name: any
 Verification: any
 Lives in: any
 Attended: any
 Worked at: any
 Shown: 1- 28 of 4744
 Sorted By: name (a-Z)
 Selected: 0

 Circle Operations:
 Export Selected:
 Visualize Selected:
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TY for confirming
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Ian Herndon

● SharePoint 2007  - 
Question - SP Lists

I have a web part page with list views grouped by items created each day. Each item has an ART associated with it.

Is there an OotB method of calculating ART across multiple items? I can get counts, but not actual math based on certain fields. If I create 10 items today each taking 10 minutes, I want to have a way to easily identify my ART is 10min
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Yeah, I think the group by facility totals rather than averages, IIRC :( You may need to create a second WP to display the averages from the first one via a data connection
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Ian Herndon

● Off-Topic/General Discussion  - 
Random SharePoint Community Stats

Sometimes when I'm bored I end up being curious about the most random things. 

Right now it's around 3am and I found myself wondering how many members of this community have a Twitter profile. How many with Facebook? Linkedin?

In the midst of that boredom I decided to write a screen macro that would pull every person's G+ About page one by one and scan it for urls associated with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Out of 1300 profiles only a few hundred have been scanned so far. 463 to be exact. 

The following are some of the totals I've come up with from those already scanned.

    ● 18.14% - List Facebook
    ● 19.43% - List LinkedIn
    ● 28.94% - List Twitter

    ●   9.71% - List All Three
    ● 66.30% - List None

Keep in mind this is just what people have actually added to their Google+ profile. I'm sure many more actually have a Facebook page. It seems the vast majority have either entirely empty or only partially filled out About pages. I was surprised to still find that as much as 10% actually included links to all three, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

It would stand to reason that as G+'s user activity and engagement increases, then so to will the amount of information users begin to take the time to include in their profiles. I think it could be interesting to put together an overview based on no less than 1000 members today, and then do a comparison at some point in the future. Maybe... I guess we'll have to see how bored I am in the future hehe. 

So which category are you in? Are you one of those 10% that have all three and actually list them?

Which do you use the most? 



9AM: I've just woken up  and it looks like the macro did it's job while I slept. Here are the complete results from the 1300 members of this SharePoint community.

    ● 34.97% - List at Least One
    ● 18.87% - List Facebook
    ● 18.65% - List LinkedIn
    ● 29.73% - List Twitter

    ●   9.40% - List All Three
    ● 64.99% - List None

I actually made the macro to copy the URL of each person's Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn profile. At some point during the week I'll throw together a Google Spreadsheet document and make it available on here. Maybe over time once more users have their current job title listed we could include that as well so members can filter through the list based on job type and easily create smaller lists of their own that might be useful to themselves.
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+Ben Peck haha very good point! ;)
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Ian Herndon

Shared publicly  - 
+Michael Allen So when does the baby arrive?? I remember seeing a few months back something about having one on the way.
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yup lol... they say nanny's can be more attentive though, but it's more expensive usually unless it's like a live in nanny. I don't care so much about the $900, just the idea of how much it is compared to other expenses. Oh well that's life haha.
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