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Hay everyone, am quite new here in London! so anyone interested for making friends?

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What a brilliant way to pass on a message!
+Hrithik Roshan 

Snowing hard! #England   #cold   #boring

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San Cisco - Awkward

This is cool!

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I really don't know what to say to the talktalk services lately!! Is the worst service ever! I'd been waiting for so long (more then 2 months now) and turned problems up now!
"BT" engineer is super suck! They came but they didn't do their job well, (my landline hasn't worked whatsoever!!), also, they let all the cables messed up and made all the connection in this entire building off! so my neighbors were looking for me and asked me what was going on?! and I had to explain things vividly to them! feeling so sorry to my neighbors now!
Well, I called to the customer service, talktalk, they said they will send another engineer to come for next week, EXCUSE ME!! I am the person that has been waiting for the so long just to get internet services installed at home and now I have to wait AGAIN? ARGHHHHH..

Luckily, the landlord will help me to push the engineer to come as soon as he can, (he was quite upset as well because the engineer left things messily). And hopefully (finger cross) the engineer will come before this Sunday.!

If Chinese people genuinely mistook their L's for R's, how would they know which glove goes where? Exactly.

If lightning never strikes twice in the same place, why are lightning conductors reusable?

Olympic tickets are the biggest waste of money I've ever seen. Shockingly over priced. #London2012
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