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I have receive the drone 2 weeks ago, tried it indoor only 3 times...

I've read that we need to connect the cable to be able to record using the handset, so i followed this video to remove the top cover:

To my amazement there is this white cable going nowhere and a little black one to the ESC amost all stripped off !?

What is the quality control is doing on these drone !? why i have an unconnected white cable ?

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Finally a magnetic adapter to recharge your mobile device !

use my link for referral please :

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Incredible... can't wait to try this in Canada !!!
Introducing DxO ONE: The revolutionary pocket-size camera that brings DSLR-quality photos to your iPhone.

#DxOONE #newshapeofphotography #DxO #photography

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Wow very good article, if you know others like that, tell me ! :)

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Too tempting not to try !  

please use my link so i can have some referal :)  thanks

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Sony adds XAVC S and high bitrate video to a6000 - Sony continues to embrace the feature-adding firmware trend by adding high bitrate video recording to its a6000 mirrorless camera. Firmware v2.0 adds the ability to record in the XAVC S format to the 16-month-old camera, offering 50Mbps shooting at 24, 30, or 60p (and PAL equivalents). Aside from the updated firmware, a Class 10 SDXC card is the only other thing you'll need to get started. Read more

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See the bug in Dota 2

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Ah finally something... some stats out of my pebble

Photo app is still better on iPhone. Android photo app is slow, flash is weak, modification of images sux... you need 3 other app to do what you want. Cannot share more than one photo on some app...
I've tried some : google photo, pixlr, aviary, photo grid, snapseed, camera 360.

Is there one good that I miss? Witch one photographer use ?

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700 mhz winners.
I'm surprised, I thought it will be only one winner out of this?
Anyone care to explain. 
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