Google Plus SEO Tip - Search First... Then Write!

This Google+ SEO Tip uses techniques actually encouraged by Google Plus. They are obvious once you start looking at it, but may not get your attention until someone points them out you. That is what this post hopes to do. [Apologies if you saw this before... I forgot to follow my own tip before! This is the one to share, this one is properly executed.]

A White Hat SEO Tip Doing Exactly What Google+ is asking you to do!
Sometimes the simplest things escape our attention, but no longer. Here are the summary steps from my blog post. If you want to understand it more, go visit the blog here:

Step By Step Google+ SEO Tip
Get your post seen in the proper place on Google Plus - the place where people are Actively Seeking Out Your Content!

The abbreviation below of KWP = Keyword Phrase.

• Start with a Google+ Search (use your saved KWP searches)
• Write up your post inside the Google+ Search results area
• Be sure to use your KWP properly in your post
• Publish your post and note the special KWP focused link that Google+ gives you at the bottom of your post
• Enjoy the benefits of playing by the rules and using smart SEO tactics to get your content found in the right places online
• Thank me later!

That's it... it is an easy technique that I go into more detail with explanations and examples on my website's blog post linked above. Visit it there to get all the nuances.

Good Luck and happy 'fishing' ;-)

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