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Morgan Zoeller
A busy work-from-home momma
A busy work-from-home momma

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My Story
Over the years, I have shared my story countless times.   Sometimes calling it a testimony, sometimes
just having coffee w/ a friend and sharing about my childhood.  Each time it takes on a new flavor as I
select which details to exclude, tailoring it for m...

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I'm doing hard work today.  Important work.  Urgent work, really.  Which of course is why I'm writing a blog post instead of tending to the work.  But sometimes an initial stream-of-consciousness-processing is what it takes to make the work flow.  Since thi...

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Disney's Frozen Written on Our Hearts
I'm standing at the kitchen sink cleaning carrots for the vegetable tray I have to take to my son's end of the year picnic tonight, and I have the silliest smirk on my face because all I can think about is Olaf.  "A nose!? I've always wanted a nose!  It's s...

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Hosanna--Lord, Save Us: Palm Sunday
Every year when Lent rolls around, the inevitable Facebook statuses appear, "Welp!  Taking a break from social media.  See you in 40 days!"  or "Giving up chocolate or coffee for Lent.  Sooo hard!"  And while I can't judge the heart, fasting from these thin...

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Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Text: 1 Corinthians 2:1-5 I had a rotten day today, seriously rotten.  And there were no huge catastrophes or any major incidents to point at and say, "Oh yes, that would make anybody's day bad."  No, I just had one of those days where my mind is sunk, my s...

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21 Dreams Project: Everything We Needed
We live in the Indianapolis area and have been so blessed by deep relationships with families of kiddos with Down syndrome.  About a year ago I told you about The Lucky Ones , a group of women whose common bond is parenting a child of Down syndrome.  Throug...

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A Morning Prayer
"Lord, open our lips, and our mouths shall proclaim your praise."  Don't let me steal or claim any of your glory for myself.   As the birds sing their pre-dawn song,  beckoning morning to come,  thanking and praising you  for the day that hasn't yet broken ...

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Living the Good Life: She Reads Truth Reflection, Jonah
Continuing with #SheReadsTruth #SheSharesTruth Weekly Reflections Unsplash Text: Jonah 3:1-10, Jonah 4:1-11 Got up early to spend time in the word: check. Made my kids a nice breakfast: check. Greeted hubby with a kiss: check. Cleaned up house: check. Start...

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Storm Watching
Photo by Taylor Leopold | Unsplash There’s a storm coming. 
I can feel it in every one of these pre-arthritic bones.  Wind is stirring up dust, whirling leaves
around, moving my numb heart to action. 
I feel like I’m in that moment before the skies open, th...

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Mornings and Mournings
It's early.  Too early.  In fact, darkness will shroud the earth for two hours more before dawn cracks the eastern sky, but my little birds, they're early ones.  They leave me no choice but to pull my weary body from bed, shuffling to the coffee maker and t...
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