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As I am scrolling through my personal Facebook page and seeing all the faces of friends in there uniforms, I am overwhelmed with pride and gratefulness to associate with so many great men and women who have served this country. The fact that they call me friend is such an honor. Thank you for all you do, have done and given to us.
~Mindy Thomas

We offer 24 month/24,000 mile warranty on almost every repair!

Now is a great time to put together a Winter Car Kit. You should include these items:
-Jumper Cables
-First Aid Kit
Stay Safe out there!

When you start maintenance service before 75,000 miles, you automatically receive warranty coverage on the systems you service, up to $2,000 per system. That increases to $4,000 when you start services before 36,000 miles! All you have to do is repeat the service every 30,000 miles and the coverage will last the lifetime of the vehicle!

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I'm a little torn between the hippie and racer in me because I can't decide if I like #7 or #10 better ....

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Have a great weekend everybody!

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Teal 1992 Dodge Daytona ES, first car I bought myself. Sure loved that thing!

What was yours?

Welcome to St. Louis IKEA!

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Check out our A+ rating with the BBB! We are committed to honesty and providing you the best service possible.

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Earn 2% in Loyalty Rewards points on every purchase!
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