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I'm going to be laughing about this for a long time. I just found out from +SWTOR Tech Support that they've that banned "Brigwyn" and from creating an account.

No, I'm not kidding.

Yes, I'm serious.

No! I don't know why.

But for some freaking reason +BioWare doesn't like Brigwyn.

I'll be LOLing about this one for a LOOOOONG time!!
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O.o Uhm.. . . wow. What did you do bro? :)
Good news!! I've been contacted by somone claiming to be affiliated w/ @SWTOR and they are investigateing my #BrigGOTBanned Issue! #huzza!!
Nope. Not yet. Last I heard was they were still looking into it. /shrug

I'm playing anyways by using a different email account and acct name.

I created a Chissy Inquisitor on The Swiftsure. Only at level 4 atm but it's not grabbing my attention like everyone thinks it should. /shrug
I feel like the Inquisitor starts of slow where as the BH and Smuggler are more action packed sooner.

I'm on Darth Bandon
it's action packed enough. i just think i may be burned out on the mmo genre. then again mmo w/o the massive multiplayer is just an rpg and i struggle w/ those as well. lol

honestly, i think it's the lack of "party" adventure. you get that if you start out together or if you catch up.w/ your friends. otherwise it's just one grind after another.

know what i mean?
I know what you mean. I'm more of a soloist due to my playing nature. Some weeks it's 0 hours, while other weeks I may log 10 hours.
i play solo also. but i'd like to have the game br more encouraging towards group play. honestly except for flashpoints (and even then i'm told) there's no reason you evern NEED to group. :(
Ahh good ole group play. I hear people complain about this a lot and I have this to say about that. A lot of people came over from WoW with its LFD and LFR. Those options made grouping simple yet hostile for some at best. SWTOR did not include that option and took us back to the days of asking around in general chat. SWTOR also has a bulletin board to list yourself as LFG. Most people ignore both unless you're on the fleet.

The community you're looking for is not the community that is looking for you. To many players want the use once throw away type of community, and for it to be the norm. That's what is killing group play. There is plenty of content I found that if you group together is much easier and enjoyable (Heroics). Otherwise, pull up your boot straps, prepare to die a lot and brute force your way through.
actually that's NOT what i'm looking for. i HATE lfg and lfrs. they don't foster community play at all.

Actually I will say that Rift did this right w/ public grouping. While you quest you click the person then select join group. or if you're in a 'heroic' (rift/event in Rift) you'll get prompted to join Public Group.

These options suprisingly encourage BOTH group play AND community.

Open grouping is a feature TOR desperately needs in my opinion.

that said i will give it props for pvp. it was during the pvp battles that i honestly felt like i was part of the star wars universe. :P
That is a cool idea that Rift has going on and I now understand more what you mean.

The one thing about SWTOR is the vastness of each planet. Each planet would need at least 100 players at any given time for the public group idea to always be viable in my opinion.
I agree Rift seems to have done grouping right. Though I'm not so sure TOR couldn't pull it off. There are many zones on Telara that feel empty. But when you do find someone you can almost bank on a group forming up. This just didn't happen in TOR.

Overall I'll stick w/ my opinion that TOR is an awesome Single Player RPG where you have the option of playing w/ other people.

That said, I think I did manage to develop a more positive impression of the game in my latest review. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
cool! thanks!! i'll write a response when i get home. :)
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