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My new column on the rise of the Facebook-quitter confessional -- a new genre of 'tell all' about leaving Facebook.

if you've quite Facebook...why?
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I've discussed this in depth on +Media Tapper in the Perfect Social Network article. 

I haven't quit, and explain why.
I think I can't quit fb although I want it too badly. It gives me really nice traffic for my sites.
I've made many connections on G+ and would like to quit FB, but I have too many family and friends I keep in touch with there. They haven't migrated over to G+ as of yet.
I'm not sure why people make such a big deal of choosing to discontinue a service. So what?
it's like tiding up your room, it's nice to say "I put order in my room/life/personal traces on the internet" :) 

When you finally do it. 
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