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Rainbow flag inquiry called for parliament - FFS :s (video)
What kind of fuckin lunacy is this latest bullshit out of Canberra? The public is paying these people for this crap. Eric Abetz (staunch Abbott loyalist) has instigated an inquiry into a rainbow flag being put up in the foyer of the dept of finance. He clai...

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Bad news from doctor today - kidney problems again :(
Dialysis machine from my acute kidney failure 2010 Feeling pretty stunned at the moment. I thought that just maybe the kidney problems I've had were perhaps all behind me. But then again my condition is classed as "chronic kidney failure" so I guess it woul...

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The "Drunk Trump" video - hilarious (video)
Remember that first solo press conference of Trump's recently that left everyone going "WTF?" Well some genius has thought to slow the video down some, and suddenly it all makes sense.  Trump is drunk on something that doesn't affect his speaking speed, but...

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NBN will be 2yrs late in our area
The National Broadband Network rollout will now give a date expected to be completed in your area. You just put your address in and a time frame comes up . So, trying to contain my untold excitement at connecting to Turnbull's lemon, I put in our address to...

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Difference isn't a big deal - marriage equality (video)
An add put out on the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras YouTube channel. It very cleverly uses a small issue equating it  with marriage equality, saying that a little difference isn't a big deal. Very well done 😁

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Famous Aussie author detained and harassed at US airport
Mem Fox A famous Australian children's book author has told of her horrifying experience when visiting the US recently, despite being world famous and visiting the US previously on multiple occasions. Seventy year old Mem Fox was left traumatised by the exp...

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"We've got your back" - NRA head to Trump (video)
I know it's a 20 minute video, but rarely will you see such a display of Orwellian psychotic speaking. It's full of Doublespeak from Trump's Ministry of Truth. A stunning example of the fascist's takeover of the White House, the presidency, and the sheeple ...

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Slovenia gets marriage equality, while Australia still waits
Whilst Australian LGBT continue to wait for the Lieberals and Turnbull to recognise our human rights, marriage equality is moving forward in other countries. Some to the great embarrassment of Australia which is still lagging behind the modern world. It's s...

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Peter Dutton for PM? - Abbott WTF? files (video)
The Lieberals are at war folks, repeating the mistakes of the previous Gillard/Rudd gov. Abbott has gone to the press undermining prime minister Turnbull saying his gov is drifting to defeat at the next election. In doing so he's come up with insane plans t...

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NRA says it will defend Trump - armed Trump-etes attend town hall meetings (video)
Only in America.... In news from behind the wall, the NRA has released a propaganda video claiming that those who protest against Trump are simply in to making trouble and anarchy. The solution? The NRA says they are. Recipe for disaster: @NRA declares war ...
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