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Now I'm in control
Now I'm in the fall out
Once asleep but now I stand

And if I get drunk well, I'll pass out
On the floor now baby
You won't bother me no more
And if you're drinkin' well, you know
That you're my friend and I say
I think I'll have myself a beer

No help. No support. No Problem.

The lone wolf does everything alone.

It's all a mistake
How long will it take?
When the dreams are all gone.. 
How long can you wait?

"I think it's about time you got the fuck off my boat" 

You've got to push, push, to tear down the walls.
Of this box you put me in.
Because you don't understand.
And so you push, to find a label that fits me.
I'm feeling good on a Wednesday,
with the sparkling thoughts.

And so I push, to close the door.
Of this stall you've made for me, to keep me away.
And now we push, push, to stand together.

I always wondered what would bring a person to this point.

I then walked that path, and found out. I get it now.
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