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Lifestyle change with Atienza Naturale Malunggay Capsule
Today, diabetes is happening to be a budding health epidemic.
are actually two types of diabetes, mainly type 1 and type 2. Hereditary plays
a major role in developing type 2 diabetes, but changing someone else’s lifestyle can lessen the risk of acqui...

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I now have a toddler!
I couldn’t believe that one year had passed and my daughter
is already a toddler! Yep, you read that right, the little baby I’ve been
blogging for the past few months is now an official toddler. Gone were the days
when she’d just lay on her back, look strai...

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Milly's first birthday party
Happy Rainy month of July! J July is the month that will be forever etched in my heart
because it’s my daughter’s birth month.  God
knows how thankful we are for having her most especially that I am one of the
few women who had a difficult time try to conce...

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Tot time with my daughter
My Milly is turning 1 year old in few weeks’ time which means we’re close to starting our informal home schooling! (yay for me) I refer informal homeschooling as Tot School Time; this is where I introduce my daughter to learn the basics by: playing, cuddlin...

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Things I miss before I became a M-O-M
Time’s flying really fast and few weeks from now, my
daughter will celebrate her 1 st birthday. Sometimes, I feel like I am
on reverie; I couldn’t believe that my husband and I already have our own
bundle of joy. She was a dream came true, and God knows, ev...

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I loved and enjoyed schooling - actually i was part of the “habituated”
students who’d rather stay at home do home works and review her notes. Now that
we have a daughter, we would like to instill the same “passion” and enjoyment
with studying. We’re going ...

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Visit at Manila Zoo
Happy almost end-of-month of May! You see I’ve been on pause
mode lately. I’ve been very busy juggling my schedule to-and-fro and most of my
work got piled up. Mommy chores got piled up too. I must say that this month
has been a challenge for me and my husb...

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Pro Breastfeeding, Co-Sleeping, Cloth Diaper-ing, Babywearing type of momma
Long before I became a mom, I have already envisioned
myself what kind of parenting I am going to apply to my “soon-to-be-baby.” Nappy
changes, white crib with colorful and musical toys mobile, own nursery room,
giant stroller and Avent bottles (yup, this s...

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Every day is Mother's Day
Long days, sleepless
nights, endless cries and puffy eyes. Giggles and chuckles, laughter and joys,
smiles and frowns of my happy little one. That pretty sums up my life I will never
get tired of “feeling tired” as long as I can give what ...
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