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What happened?
What happened to #blogaday? I will get back to them. But at the moment, I've gotten behind. I've been busy at work, not getting great sleep and frankly, this whole Trump fiasco has got me quite depressed. It's such a disappointing mess and I'm a little scar...

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#14 - This is Not a Backpack #blogaday
I mean, technically, it is a backpack. I guess I should say it's not just a backpack.  This rugged bag is really my "go bag" - at any time (except right after I get home), it's packed and ready to go.  Usually for a train trip, but with the addition of a ...

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#13 - 2016 Did Not Happen #blogaday
Oh, boy. Would that this were true. Some good things this year. Some... ehhhhh.... I can't recall exactly when I picked these topics and I feel like the thing to do would be to pick one single thing from 2016 that I wish hadn't happened.  I really want to s...

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#12 - Not in the News #blogaday
No one reported that tonight Ben was upset with Lori and said "You Bad You Bad" - it wasn't super clear, but we're both sure that's what he was saying. No one reported that he also had his best haircut ever today. No reported that Rachel and I had a nice da...

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#11 - Me, Myself and I #blogaday
One thing I've discovered is that I can be quite selfish. I've convinced myself that I need time to myself. Nevermind the time on the train each day when I can put on my headphones and read or watch TV. I've also decided that I need time on weekend mornings...

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#10 - Lazy #blogaday
It's taking me too long to get to this one.  Not because I'm lazy, but because I've been swamped. Someone called me lazy today. The good kind. Normal lazy bothers me. Lamenting a situation but never working to change it, accepting a bad situation with a shr...

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#9 - Unwrapped #blogaday
I got a nice waterproof windbreaker for Christmas from my wife. I don't remember it raining in California quite as much as it has this year. I suppose we need the rain, but I don't need the rain while I'm riding to work. Sometimes I have to remind myself th...

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#8 - Bacon and Eggs #blogaday
nomnomnomeltte Breakfast is a treat for me. Most of the time, it's very standard - coffee and Maple & Brown Sugar oatmeal. That's been the staple for years. It's good, it's healthy, it tastes good, it's not a lot of calories. You could say boring but I'd sa...

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Do you have two Twitter accounts? If you're a business, you should.
After tweeting to a brand recently, I went and looked at their Twitter feed. They sell microwavable popcorn. So they had marketing tweets about movies and popcorn, but then there were a lot of tweets that looked like this: On the web, Twitter will hide all ...

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#7 - I Should Have Turned Left #blogaday
If I were to say I had no regrets, I'd be lying, clueless or living an unexamined life. But... are there things I regret that I could have actively changed? Without hindsight or retrospect... is there a point where I had the decision right in front of me an...
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