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Are there any good resources , or examples of space maps utilizing zones? For personal conflict scale that is easy enough, but some examples for starship encounters would be useful.

Is there a form fillable API 2nd edition character sheet floating around out there?

So has anyone put any work/thought into a star wars hack for Frontier Space?

So out of curiosity, has anyone tried Genesys for Star Trek? (I have the 2d20 version, but it didn't flow for us like FFG Star Wars does.)

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So I ran a test combat between two player characters and two groups of minions. It went really poorly for one of the characters at the very end, but was surprisingly 'epic' for only four rounds of action.

So two ideas I had for Genesys settings:

- The Orville
- Yet Another Rifts Conversion

Thoughts on what would/wouldn't work?

Quick question as I get ready to kick off a campaign:

Could you use momentum gained as part of a parry to spend on a Swift Action, or does that essentially require riposte?

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The first session (in three parts, with terrible grammar) of our 'Firefly-ish' SWN Revised game.

So our first trial session of SWN revised went pretty well, despite my having to shake off the rust a bit when it comes to d20. (And almost getting the Simon Tam pc eviscerated by a genetic horror in one attack...)

The most relevant feedback I received was a request for a more 'old eyes' friendly character sheet.

Anything with a little less busy design and larger font floating around yet?

Quick question:
Are there guidelines for building ships from scratch?
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