Choosing What Type of Coop You Require

Hi My Name is Willie Hager

I built my first coop in 1 weekend!
"My wife and I decided we would try the chicken thing about 2 years ago, with a little help from her sister. That's a story within itself. I started doing some research and came upon John's website. [Check Details Here==> ]

I looked through all the plans and found one I liked, so I purchased it. The beauty of these plans is, with a little know how and imagination, you can easily build your own, professional looking, coop. You can also use the basic design and tweak it to fit your needs and/or tastes. I built my first coop in 1 weekend.

I liked doing it so much, I turned it into a side business, and have built approximately 20 coops since." [Check Details Here==> ]
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