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Lhen Ordoña
I always wear my invisible crown.
I always wear my invisible crown.

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Lemon Spa Experience
I'm not the type of girl who would usually visit a Hand and Foot Spa to pamper myself and have my nails groomed. I prefer trimming and polishing my own nails since I am very sensitive when it comes to pain and besides I don't think paying for something I ca...

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Swimwear Style Ideas 2014
Hi Ladies! Sorry for being MIA this past few months, the Donya had so many things to accomplish including some personal and business stuff. You'll get to know it pretty soon. And to catch up here's another post that will surely guide you on what swimsuit st...

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REVIEW: Crystal Color Contact Lens in Peridot Brown
Hi ladies, so here's another (super late) review post about Crystal Clear Contact Lens   which I purchased last December. This is my second pair of contact lens, the first one was from Verona Optical Shop located at SM San Lazaro but unfortunately I forgot ...

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To The Best Thing That's Ever Been Mine (An Open Letter)
First of all, I just want you to know that I did love you. I am so sorry that we have to end up like this. I never thought I'd find myself in this place, but you ultimately put me here. I can't tell if I am mad or what. It just feels like it happens so fast...

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Deal With Real Life
Hi Ladies! Sorry for being MIA for almost a month. I missed blogging!! I missed reading blogs of my co-bloggers. But here I am, back to business. I have lots of pending posts and I promise to update this blog more often. The Donya just went through hell thi...

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Three Things to Cross Out
Hi ladies! I can't believe that we are now turning into another year. Time flies really fast. There are lots of things happened to me this year and I feel so blessed with every blessings that came out of my way including some of my Christmas wishlist that c...

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Hello 2014! Year of the Green Wooden Horse Giveaway Collaboration
Yeah you read it right. Giveawaaaay! This is my first time to host a Giveaway collaborated with  +Rattus Choki  of Beauty on a Shoestring Budget  and KC of BeautyWorksTV . We are planning this for so long and now we are ready to give back some loving to you...

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REVIEW: Sutla Flawless Papaya Soap
Hi Ladies! Do you wanna have a fair skin tone? Are you obsessed with whitening products just like me? If you are, then you may find this post interesting. Let me share this product I discovered 2 weeks ago while browsing my Instagram account. I am a self-co...
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