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What would you do with your own spacecraft?

Disruptive technology has opened previously in-accessible markets and in the process, driven efficiency and innovation.  And now this same force is opening up access to space. In less than an hour Planetary Resources will be announcing how you can get involved, and I have an exclusive front seat pass to share with you.

Check out the Kickstarter project here:

And here is my blog about it:

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The Ultimate Education Technology

Imagine planning your next class or curriculum with some new technology your school or university has just gotten hold of. 

Now imagine that technology is not a bunch of new tablets, gamification of content or interactive text books, but your very own space telescope. This is the new future that Planetary Resources are announcing today, I want to give you early access to take part in this project.

Check out the Kickstarter project here:

And here is my blog about it:

#education   #educationtechnology  

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We all need some inspiration, here is a bucket load of it

What is your moonshot vision? 

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Google Communities - Quick review

Google Communities have been around for a few months now, and I have many more positive than negative experiences.

Let's start off with the negatives
Within a few days after Communities launched, my inbox was filled with invites to random groups I have no interest in. Most of them were obvious attempts to lure me into their group so that they can spam me. Thankfully, the influx of new community invites has quietened down but I'm still left with all these spam-based communities I need to sort through when I search for some to join. For that reason, I prefer private communities. Having said that, there are great open communities out there, but you will need to do some searching for now until they can rise to the top through 'natural selection'. These same issues present themselves on other 'group based' platforms like LinkedIn groups, Twitter and Facebook... and like these, Google Communities have the usual features like blocking and moderating to clean up the group. My advice is don't just join a community by their name, look at what's been posted, user interaction, and how they moderate spam.

The Positives
When you find a good community you find a group of people passionate about the topic you are interested in. The community is engaging, helpful, and often quirky in just the right way (That may just be a Google+ thing).

Communities solve the issue of topic-based circles. When I started out on Google+ I created topic-based circles and sorted people accordingly, quickly realizing that people wouldn't stick to what I boxed them into. My tech circle sometimes spoke about politics, cats or Carly Rae Jepsen. Sure, I could add them into multiple circles but the management was far to onerous. Now I create cohort, location and relationship-based circles instead, and use communities to find topic-based content. 

It solves the 'circle everyone' problem. Previously if I wanted to interact and stay up to speed with what someone was doing, I would need to add them to a circle. Pretty soon I was adding thousands of people (similar to Facebook and Twitter) in the hope that they would turn out to be interesting. My intent was to clean out my circles of the people I don't really connect with later on. Communities allows me to connect and engage with people I don't have in my circles, allowing me to establish a genuine connection before circling them.

Want to learn more about communities? Here's their page:

Or view the video below:   #communities   #review  

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Google Now - My assistant and the future of search

With Google Now, I find things even before I search for them.

For example: It lets me know automatically that I should leave earlier than planned to catch my flight because there is an accident on the highway. It knows this because my flight itinerary is in my inbox which tells it the airport, and flight I'm book on, It also knows my location thanks to GPS, and its got access to things like the latest traffic information, train delays and weather conditions. Google Now puts all this information together in a smart way, just as you would expect a really good assistant to do.

There are many other ways Google Now will change your life, and here is a short video by +The Verge that shows you how.

#googlenow   #technologynews  

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TED video about Motivation

I did not expect to enjoy this one but it turned out to validate much of what my company is built on. Its a great talk by Career analyst +Daniel Pink who examines the puzzle of motivation, starting with a fact that social scientists know, but most managers don't:  Traditional rewards aren't always as effective as we think

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A story about the SLP Fall Interns
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