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2017 -New Year New Goals
Hi folks! This is the second day of Chinese New Year and here I am having my "alone" time in the waking up "automatically" by my biological clock near 6 a.m. Ever since KY starting morning school session, my body has been tuned to wake up at th...

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Wanna win ticket to Little Kingdom?
Hi folks! So fast Christmas is approaching. To all my friends who are celebrating far and near, an early Merry Christmas greetings to you and family! Time flies, there are still some more places which is under the kids' wishlist this school break. And now t...

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Reference Guide on natural wellness
Hi folks! When i first starting discovering the natural effectiveness with essential oils, i started investing in few books to help myself to learn more on how to make full use as well as incorporate this natural regime in my family. Below are some of the b...

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School holiday getaway idea- Little Kingdom
Hi Folks! Time flies, the kids
school holiday will be over in no time! Have you managed to bring your kids somewhere to have some fun and learn some new things at the same time? Or are you still scratching your head trying to google for places to go to have...

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Hi folks! Yesterday our team had lunch with one of my amazing teammate who has finally found her passive income and achieve financial freedom and able to quit her job. I am very happy for her! Really...especially happy for her daughter who I can foresee wil...

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[Self-care] Attending and Practicing AFT
Hi folks! Not too long ago, I attended the Aroma Freedom Technique(AFT) session with a well-known holistic coach, Anita Cheung . It has been a very enriching session. And I have gotten the book to learn about this Aroma Freedom technique started by  Dr. Ben...

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Do you see the Elena in your child?
Hi Folks! Many of my female friends who have sons rather than daughter would longed to have a daughter who can accompany them to do all the girly stuff together when they grow up. I do agree with that and am very fortunate to have one daughter too. Recently...

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[Self-care] Taking plant-based collagen nutritious mixed beverage
Hi folks! As we aged, the more we have to take good care of our "engines" so that we can carry on our journey smoothly. As I am on plant-based diet, i often search for plant-based alternatives for overall health and in everyday living. So when i come across...

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What is your color?
Hi folks! Recently i attend a workshop that shared about this color type personalities. Quite interesting to know. Now, why not check it for yourself in the colors below, which is your color? In summary, Lions ( Red )-   Driven ; Get out of My Way! Monkey (...

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My good experience with Easyparcel
Hi folks! If you have read my bad experience with an online shop here,
to be fair, there are also good online stores/companies I have come across
being an avid online shopper; be it air tickets, groceries, food, clothing,
baby items, electrical items, mobil...
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