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The most boring guy in the world
The most boring guy in the world

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My wife helped me film this. I'm glad she puts up with me, because I was criticizing her camera work.

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So the guy from the Big Island, Braxton Rocha, who got nomm'd on by a Tiger Shark, has no health insurance and has set up a Gofundme page to cover medical expenses.
Mr. Rocha has gained some notoriety because he posted the aftermath of the attack while waiting to be transferred to an ambulance. (If you see the video on YouTube, it is wince-inducing). Anyway, so I go to his GoFundMe page (, to see how it is doing and discover this little gem:

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How time works: When the clock strikes 12, that's it. It's already midnight. Too many romantics out there. They want clocks to strike 12 at the 12th ring.
Parents, teach your children about atomic clocks and science, because we need people who can sit back and chuckle at the romantics.

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Kikaider Reboot. I'm sorely tempted to go. Interested persons can find info about the Hawaii screening on another un-named social media site. Let's call it VisageTome
Added the new 90-second trailer for Ten Shimoyama's Kikaider REBOOT (out May 24, 2014).

Jingi Irie stars as Jiro, aka Kikaider, a powerful android created by ARK Project robotics expert Nobuhiko Komyoji. Kikaider's nemesis Hakaider makes his appearance at the 50-second mark and some battle footage follows.
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