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So what does a Metropolitan Police car do when they see you broken down just before a roundabout? They stop traffic, push you past the roundabout into a bus stop, then file an incident report so you do not get a ticket. #policewin

Only on BBC Radio 4 would a Tweet Of the Day be narrated by David Attenborough (though it is #DawnChorus day)

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Flat downstairs refitting. So far two skips taken away. Just saw this outside - what are they taking away now?! 

Systemd: apparently the philosophy of combining small, discrete tools to accomplish larger tasks no longer applies to anything running as root

#PassiveAggressiveDiversion - M4 closed into London, diversion signs lead off in seemingly random direction, via a "construction traffic" sign where a high-vis banded truck inches traffic past a jack hammer converting the last 12 inches of the lane to the right into car exfoliant. Immediately after this a "diversion ends" sign... and you're left travelling West, back out of London. On consideration, not that passive... 

Why thank you Yosemite upgrade, what my mac mini really needed was to be unable to boot due to confusion over which of its one drive was the boot disk, and when past that to kill its Ethernet interface (Apparently "its all wireless dude").

But yes, you are purty...

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CentOS 6 DOMU under NetBSD/xen in 15 minutes
A while ago I wrote a quick post on setting up CentOS 5.x under NetBSD/xen I've long since updated all the CentOS instances to 6.x, but I found I needed to install a fresh version and as the procedure was slightly different, here are some notes :) Convertin...

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Wandering around Dublin and look what I found lying around :)

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I only hope #stenaline 's phone experience is better than their online..
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