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Manufacture of Vermicompost (Organic Manure)

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a pioneer manufacture of organic manure named as “Mrida Amrit” (Vermicompost).


Why to use dry animal dung in the name of COMPOST FERTILIZER, while we offer you “VERMICOMPOST” which has all the 16 elements required by the Plants?


Grass always looks greener from the outside and that’s the case with the GOBAR KI KHAD, so called organic fertilizer for our plants ,which  in reality is not at all an organic fertilizer and is harmful rather than beneficial.


 The process of animal dung (Gobar) compost takes 12-16 months to get ready for use , so the Mali’s (Gardner) has no choice but to offer 15-20 days old dry animal dung collected from various dairies. It causes health hazards for plants and also for human beings as it is not fully decomposed. It provides food for termites & insects and also releases toxin gases for a very long time as it nurture harmful bacteria’s and viruses.


The most deadly is the use of Chemical fertilizers and other by products in the plants , lawn , pots and crops.


We understood the need of the hour and took initiative and promoted “Vermicompost”. The word vermicompost comes from a Latin word 'vermes' meaning earth worm and the product start as compost. Vermicompost is the excreta of earthworms, which is rich in humus and nutrients such as Calcium, Iron ,Potassium , Sulphur , Phosphorous ect ect . By feeding these earthworms with biomass and watching properly the food (bio-mass) for earthworms, we produce the required vermicompost.


We at Varun Agro give you full assurance that by adding our vermicompost the biological complexity of your soil will increase resulting in excellent soil structure, porosity, aeration and water retention capabilities.


The said “Mrida Amrit” , the Vermicompost is 100% organic , cultured with additional bacteria’s and hence is 20 times more effective in comparison with general compost or Gobar Ki Khad and more important leaves No Harmful effects on environment and Living Beings.

We will be highly pleased and obliged for your association in the great vision of making this beautiful “MOTHER EARTH” more worth living and giving a beautiful environment for the our next generations to come.

Please Read:- 


Advantages of Vermicompost:-


(1). Vermicompost is useful for all types of land , agriculture , floriculture, horticulture and cash crops. 


(2). Vermicompost is 20 times more effective than cow/buffalo dung manure because it contains 20 times more bacteria and enzymes useful for the plants. The harmful bacteria’s are distracted in earthworm body itself. 


(3). Vermicompost absorbs 10 times more water than the soil and increases water retention capacity of the soil , in turn reduces soil erosion.


(4). It boosts the growth of the plants and makes them healthy and strong. Vermicompost increases the immunity of the plants and hence no expense of insecticides and pesticides. 


(5). It increases the life span of fruits, vegetables, grains, plants leaves and flower. It also enhances the taste, flavor and luster of the yields and colour of the plants and flower. Provides excellent effect on overall plant growth, encourages the growth of new shoots / leaves and improves the quality and shelf life of the produce. 


(6). Due to the Gizzards in earthworm stomach the organic elements get decomposed so minutely that they turn into 0.2 microns size and the same is easily absorbed by the roots of the plants for the food elements. 


(7). The attached chart of “Contents of Vermicompost” makes it clear that vermicompost contains abundant food elements and micro bacteria’s. Hence vermicompost is not a supplementary but a COMPLETE ORGANIC FERTLIZER.Application of vermicompost enhances the quality as well as the quantity of the produce. 


(8). On the application of the vermicompost there is no need for the use of insecticides and pesticides on the plants which in turns avoid the water pollution and many health hazards. 


(9).Its weeds less and eliminates the termite within 3 years and reduces the requirement of water by 25 %.


(10). It contains valuable vitamins, enzymes and hormones like auxins, gibberellins etc.


(11). Vermicompost is rich in beneficial micro flora such as a fixers, P- solubilizers, cellulose decomposing micro-flora etc in addition to improve soil environment.


(12). Vermicompost is free flowing, easy to apply, handle and store and does not have bad odour.






(1). Land turns infertile due to adverse side effects of the chemical fertilizers.


(2). Plants looses their capacity to resist pest & insects and become susceptible to many sorts of diseases.


(3). User need to spray insecticides quite frequently which increases their expenditure and causes many health hazards to the human beings and environment.


(4). Chemical fertilizer increases the pH of the soil.


(5). Reduces quality and quantity of produce.


(6). Decreases life of fruits, flowers, leaves, vegetables and grains.


(7). Fruits and vegetables have high toxic residues if chemical fertilizers , insecticides are spread on them to save them from pest attack and when human being eat such fruits and vegetables they have serious health problems. Same is the case with flowers and plants leaves.


(8). Plants can absorb only 5 % of food elements from the chemical fertilizers. The acidic and alkaline elements of the remaining chemical fertilizers react with soil and forms thick layers of rocks in the soil and leaves. This rocky layer makes the land infertile.


(9). Accelerate the process of soil erosion.


(10). It has no energy, so it can only help the plant when there is enough organic matter around from where it can get the energy, otherwise it burns the roots and destroys the plant


(11). It degrades ecosystem.


(12). It releases a green house gas called nitrous oxide


(13). It has no energy, so it can only help the plant when there is enough organic matter around from where it can get the energy, otherwise it burns the roots and destroys the plant.


Quote by Dr.Watson on Chemical fertilizers destroying the Environment, scientific adviser to the White House during Clinton Administration.


“We can move in a direction where we destroy our natural heritage or we can move in a direction where we improve both human wellbeing and maintain our natural heritage”. We’ve got choices and we have to decide which future we want.



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