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Rachel Watters
Was born. Am still alive. Love bacon. Take photographs. Make art.
Was born. Am still alive. Love bacon. Take photographs. Make art.

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To all Creative Cloud (CC) users:

InDesign files created in CC are not backward compatible (by default).

Here's a link that provides you with the how-to's of making sure all your CC files are backward compatible should you ever decide to go off the cloud.

Summary: Save all Illustrator files as "Legacy Formats" and export all InDesign files to ".idml" format.

And do it BEFORE you cancel your CC subscription or the trial period runs out!

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Check out this photo of a star being born (and no, it's not a photo of me as a baby)!

Ooooo, aaaah.

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An article from the NY Times about Russia's anti-gay laws. I don't understand how it can be legal to treat people like this just because they're gay or lesbian (or suspected of being gay/lesbian).

It's not right. And more people need to be talking about it.

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Like the Walking Dead?

Check out this cool behind-the-scenes comic editorial.

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A somewhat simple way to stop people in your circles from seeing all the stuff you hit "+1" on. 
WTF Now???

/ start rant

Dear +Google . One of the reasons I am on G+ and not on facebook is because there is no post to all of the people who follow me every time I plus someone's post. I plus a lot of posts. I will consider it one of the worst forms of spam there is if my stream gets filled with posts saying "so and so plussed this post".

I believe I have adjusted my settings so that I do not spam all of the people in my extended circles. I ask you +Google  to reconsider this change. One of the big attractions of G+ is that it is different.

/ end rant

For those who feel like I do, follow this link to learn how to adjust your settings. Disclaimer: The help seemed to be accurate for my browser version. I could not find the location it mentioned in the Android. I have no idea about accuracy of the IOS instructions.

Here's the link:


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Check out these posters of things people say, but don't mean. Quite amusing, and great design work to boot.

Also, I've probably said every single one of these at some point.

#keepingitreal #lulz   

UPDATE: Here's the artist's website (she makes a new poster every day):

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I've never wanted a duck more than I do right now. Gah.

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A piglet and ice cream...what more does one need?

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Some neat photo ideas for summer.
Feel like flexing your creative muscles? @DCamMag offers nine photographic challenges for July.

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Excellent article about confirmation bias. I love reading about how the human brain works.

It's fascinating. 
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