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Kirsten G
Wife. Believer. Trojan. San Diegan. Mama-to-be. Breast Cancer fighter.
Wife. Believer. Trojan. San Diegan. Mama-to-be. Breast Cancer fighter.

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New Year
It's 2017! A year I kind of never thought I'd see. Elise is 3.5 years old and at an age where she is finally making real, lasting memories. Since before she was born I think about how long I'd have to make it for her to have memories of me. Morbid? Yes, but...

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Three Years!
Yesterday was the three-year anniversary of the day I found out I was cancer-free. I don't even have words to describe what making it to this three year mark means to me. From the week I first found out that I had TNBC, I set my sights on three years. "Thre...

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A letter to a newly diagnosed breast cancer survivor
Some friends at Cure Forward challenged me to write a letter with advice and encouragement for a newly diagnosed breast cancer patient, which I thought would be interesting and potentially helpful, so here it is...   --------------------------------------...

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RIP Adrienne
Adrienne was one of the first pregnant with cancer survivors who reached out to me after I was diagnosed. She had been diagnosed just a few months before me and was following the same road. Even in the young breast cancer world we were oddities -- pregnant,...

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Healthy but Broken
Let me start at the end of the story and work my way back -- Today I'm healthy and don't have any cancer recurrence that I know of. But I've been on a physical and emotional rollercoaster over the past six weeks. One that's still has me a bit shaken. It sta...

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Tattoo Love
In October 2013, before I started radiation, the techs gave me four tattoos to mark the "field" that would be radiated 33 times. The only visible one was on the middle left side of my chest ( see picture/story here ). For two years I've looked at that dot a...

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Two Years
Well, I'm now two years cancer-free. 8/8/13 was the miraculous, amazing day that I found out that God answered all my prayers. When I was first diagnosed I had a hard time imagine or believing I'd get to see Elise wear 2T clothes, and here is she already we...

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Two Years of Hair
I shaved my head a little over two years ago -- on Good Friday 2013. Good Friday and Easter have always been very special to me, but now they hold even more meaning. Here is a picture comparison of me on three Easter Weekends. 2013, 2014, and 2015. I feel s...

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An Overdue Update
In the world of post-cancer blogging no news is generally good news. And I'm blessed to say with regards to my health I have no news. I'm doing my regular check ups, and since it's hard to prove a negative, all appears to be well (giant knock on wood). I su...

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Pink-tober Thoughts and Strength & Inspire Bracelets
It's officially "pink-tober" (aka breast cancer awareness month). It's taken me a few day to formulate my thoughts on it. I have such a love-hate relationship with this month. On one hand I love to see a cause that I care so about much getting attention, an...
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