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The wiki is currently disabled because I'm fighting with some load issues.

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Would you like to use graphs on your wiki pages? What kind of graphs? It would be trivial to add support for mermaid. This is what it would look like:
Would you use it on your campaign wiki?

Some new English campaigns apparently signed up. I wonder whether somebody has been recommending the site online? Let me know! :)

Looks like the site is down and has been for a few hours.

Apparently we have some newly introduced issues with Umlauts and other non-ASCII characters in page names. It will take a few hours before I'm back at a computer to take a look. 

Moving to a new server… if your wiki is non-editable, then you are still connected to the old server. After a few hours, you should get the new server.

I made a major change regarding the web server. Please let me know if you notice anything suspicious. I think the wikis with non-ASCII characters in their name are most at risk ("FünfWinde", for example).

Apparently I forgot to install the new certificate I got a few weeks ago. This is why your browser should warn you when you connect. Sorry about that! This will probably be fixed in a few hours when I get back to my laptop. 

Yesterday I noticed that search was being wonky and so: Software Upgrade! Let me know if anything broke.

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Apparently our hosting center in Zürich has networking problems.
Start: 2015-07-30 08:05 (UTC) (30 minutes ago)
End: unknown
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