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Told store I would be coming over the weekend to get a table. Instead of checking on availability employee told me "sounds great." When I arrived with my rental truck, I was told for the first time that they do not carry it in stock and it would have to be ordered. The only unit they had was the floor model. It had a giant scratch down the center of the glass. Then they acted like they were doing me a favor by selling me the floor model with all of its damage. A brand new one was discounted $100 and they tried to play off this discount as a floor model discount. When I called them out on it, the manager told me that he was doing ME a favor by selling me his damaged model at full price. Called me "desperate." Claimed nobody buys furniture and expects to get it right away. Manager of this store is out of touch with reality and cannot be trusted.
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Some of the worst Chinese food I've ever had at a restaurant. The only thing worse is Panda Express, but it's cheaper. I honestly wish I had rather gone to McDonalds and saved my money, and I usually go to Michelin Star places. It's that bad. Might as well flush your money down the toilet and save weight.
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pizza sucks - barely any pepperoni (6 pieces) on a large ass slice that was "new York" on the worst day in New York. sucks
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If I wanted crappy Chinese food, I'd have gone to Panda Express. This "amazing chef" couldn't even compete with what I make at home. Dry ribs, saturated salads, dry wraps, and sauce-less chicken. Terrible.
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