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Is that a Galaxy Nexus I see before me?
When you releasing. Hurry please
I'd like one, but can't afford it.
I've been waiting for an iPhone 4S here in the UK for ages. When will they be available? I watch your stock updates but no luck. Please!
Is it the 17th. Rumours that its delayed and also that a certain company gettin exclusive sales deal for 2 weeks
Amazon is now claiming the SIM free version won't be available until 2nd Dec :( but, it has gone down in price by £30! :)
Hi Mike, they're coming soon - keep an eye on our stock checker as that's where our most up to date info goes. And Nav, there are rumours that Elvis lives in Peckham but I wouldn't believe them ;)
When r u gna announce pay as you go prices?
Do O2 sell sim free (not unlocked) phones 
You can buy our phones on Pay & Go Gary, does that count?
Farhan - prices will be coming soon...
Lloyd - don't dribble on my phone ;)
Thanks, I'm on contract and was just thinking of buying the phone outright rather than upgrading in December
+David L Chambers Not really, o2 are one of the cheapest for their payas phones. When Samsung Galaxy S2 first came out cpw was selling it for £500 sim free and o2 were doing it for 400 on pay as u go.
Hey Mark - yes we'll be on sale on the 17th :)
Will it b on pay as u go as well?
:) jus what i wanted to hear.
Priority to upgrade customers?
Gutted my upgrade isn't until December LoL
it's out in 5 days but O2 website only shows as coming soon: November, any idea when the phone will go live on the O2 site ?
Really looking forward to the 17th! :)
Will this be available in stores in London on the 17th? Can I go in and pre-order? 
Can you give us any information if there is a 32 GB version available?
Dammit, handtec are shipping later :-(
Its not only them, Amazon and Expansys r shipping it on 2nd December.
+Nav Mahmood They are, haven't you looked above? Most UK organisations won't have their social media departments working at nearly 10pm on a Sunday night...
+Farhan Naeem I honestly couldn't tell you as this is my first purchase but the feedback I've read on them throughout the interweb has been unanimously positive. They've been prompt with communications via their blog on shipping information but the proof will be in the pudding :-) Price wise though they are very, very competitive.
Hey guys. Can anyone help me out? I've never bought a PAYG phone before, just had contracts. Do payg phones get android OS upgrades as quickly as sim free or does the network hold it up for as long as they don on contract phones? Your help is appreciated
+O2 in the UK Its launching on 17, still no complete review on web? Any review planned from your side?

Also, do you have unlocked version?
Looking forward to seeing the handset! Where can I pre-order?
Love the photo! Made my Monday morning. Can`t wait for thursday, Christmas is coming early :-)
Will I be able to walk into an O2 store on Thursday and purchase a payngo model?
Why dont O2 do pre-orders like other providers?
Where are the contract and handset prices for this phone? And why am I being told I cannot keep my subscription discount when i upgrade? My last 3 bills have been over £100 each! I don't particularly want to have to go elsewhere :(
Come on O2! Three have gone with £499 PAYG in store on the 17th. I'd rather stick with you guys, but I'm this close to switching :)
Just checked three website and I could not find that
Very disappointed O2, have just spent 15 mins on the phone to you asking one of your staff about this, they had no clue on the date at all, please educate your staff ready for Thursday
where on your site is the 'stock checker"??
Three told me that on top of the £15 unlock fee, you are also forced to buy £10 PAYG credit, so total cost from them is £525.
Ok been onto O2 and the retentions department are telling me the handset is being launched on MONDAY 21ST NOVEMBER. 
+Tahir Khan cheers mate, thats who I spoke to and they didn't have a clue, think I will pre order from Phones4U and cancel my contract, seems we don't get rewarded for being O2 customers
did O2 retentions mention if it's a 16GB or 32GB phone?
Aye, what is the memory size on this??
O2 will not know this, but its documented that the GN will be 16gb only. 
Chris smith the stock checker is at O2 stores and via customer services
It's only going to be the 16GB in the UK.
Just out of interest, what phone are you trading for the Galaxy Nexus WHEN it finally arrives.......I will be waving goodbye to the very poor antenna of the IPhone 4.
spoke (online chat) to an O2 guru, they confirmed that it should be available 21st October. But didn't know what the memory options were.... I currently have an iPhone 4.
OMG it's available to order on the 3 Website.

It states earliest delivery date 18th nov. 
I went into an o2 shop today and they told me to come back on Thursday morning and I will be able to make a purchase. 
Just had a chat with someone at O2, they're saying it will be available on Thursday both in the shops and online. No idea yet of prices.
Upgrading from Desire.
What about pay as you go prices? Pls pls
Also O2 where is our Android App to check Allowance? .
+Ollie Cornes Are you going to buy the PAYG phone and unlock it like you mention above? Am I right in thinking that essentially turrns the phone into a sim free phone? I ask because I want to get android updates as quickly as possible and being on a network locked phones slows things down a good bit.
so..galaxy nexus will release after tomorrow (17th) right????? can't wait for that....when will it come to malaysia?
Does any one saw the sim free prices? I had my nexus s on sim free and was the best thing ever :)
I know right...sim free...FREEDOM :D
someone said: you can buy galaxy nexus from Hongkong's black market, but it's expensive though
would you guys ship to the USA ? :( us ATT users across the pond are getting no love
Come on O2 its now the 15th and I still cant pre-order this unless I go to another network!
When will Malaysia get that ?
This is an O2 UK circle +Gu Junhua I would suggest you ask your local operator in Malaysia about release dates.
Lloyd what about an O2 app for android?
Just got of phone with Phones4U and they said the cheapest upgrade tariff was 18month @ £47pm on O2 600 and £42pm for the 24month one. Thats the lowest tariff you can get!

O2 Guru online had no details nor a release date "Sometime in November"
seriously???? 21st ?
No news. Phones 4u are still quoting 18/11 for delivery. 
Anyone have a link for the o2 stock checker? All I can find is a stock checker for the iPh0ne }=/
can't wait for tomorrow :DDDD
I think it's fairly safe to assume that O2 won't be getting this in tomorrow. Their Twitter is refusing to give out any details, and the page on the O2 site still says "Coming soon - November".

Face it, if they were getting this phone tomorrow they would surely have a clue by now. Whoever looks after their G+ page has gone ominously silent, which doesn't exactly inspire confidence.
I heard a rumour that they are expecting to release tomorrow...
Called O2 earlier. Was told to call back tomorrow morning and they would customise a package for me and i'd have it by Friday as i'm a loyal customer
But guys would you have a nexus on tied on o2, that means you can only get the updates when o2 sends them, no? I am on o2 sim only but rather pay for the phone.. Some one tell me more about it please..Is a nexus on o2 will still be a PURE GOOGLE or we will have to wait for o2 to push the updates?
so when is this coming? you say 17th nov here, your website says november, your stores dont seem to know anything.... i was just talking to someone with the IM service and they had no idea.... how can you say this is going on sale tomorrow if no one knows anything i actually feel i know more about it than you do?
Got a tweet from o2 they releasing tomorow but no prices
From the O2 Twitter Feed...

Trebleutd martyn
@O2 come on o2 hurry up and release your galaxy nexus plans what's the holdup?

O2 O2 in the UK
@Trebleutd Patience is fruitful :) It's going to be available from tomorrow!

Any news on whether the 32GB version will be stocked? Someone has to have an answer by now...
Only Clove appears to have reported that, and every other article on it references Clove's article. Have you got a more definitive/reliable source?
+Thomas Riddell They've said several times on Twitter today that it will be available tomorrow. I even asked outright if I could go into a store tomorrow and walk away with one, and they said yes.

The unfortunate thing is that you get a different answer depending on who you speak to in O2 (or anywhere for that matter) - it's either definitely in store tomorrow, or they don't know anything about it. It's a mess, really.

I guess the only way we will know for definite is by waiting for tomorrow. I'm not confident enough to go waiting outside a store in the morning, that's for sure. In fact if I can order it on-line for delivery Friday, I'll do that - if only so I don't have to wander around shops getting blank stares from anyone I ask about it ;)
I've found this thread on XDA Developers Forum to be a godsend with information. Still a lot of uncertainty but helps to know what others are being told:

Also to those asking about a stock checker.. there isn't a generic one. It's ONLY for the iphone 4S (which is what O2 were replying to about earlier in these comments, and what has caused confusion).
Google is ALWAYS slow !!!hate that
You promised us a Galaxy Nexus today! Called to order and sales team say it ain't available. What gives!?
Agreed, it's a bit disheartening to see that there's still no information on pricing and availability. Neither of the O2 shops in Plymouth City Centre seemed to have any idea about it other than "We'll know when we get stock".
I got this reply on twitter: last night from O2 quoting it will be available today in stores and online, this morning I rang my local store by work in central london and was told it had been postponed until next week, and still no sign of it online.... very mixed messages everywhere :(
Have rang my local O2 store (Widnes, UK) and they don't believe it is being released today. Called another store in Liverpool, and they told me to call back later. This is ridiculous. So much for being able to walk into a store and out with a phone.
Total BS. One more example of a company disrespecting their source of revenue
Guys, call o2 now. It's in. If not, call phones4u, they also have it.
disappointed o2 are clueless ask serversl stores in leeds and non of them getting it in tomorrow
Ordered yesterday out for delivery ..... Happy Days :)
Ordered yesterday and was told no stock available of the Galaxy Nexus, order status is just "In Progress" at the moment :-(
Just wait for the update, sure Google will be sending an update shortly...
Problem has been fixed on latest update...
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