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Just read this and loved the parenting suggestions. Teaching is a learning experience and bringing up kids is a major part of this.
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The squat, viewed from the front
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The Squat
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Black Friday super discounts available as single or packages deals.
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That's brilliant!!
Pulling up the Himalayan Balsam
This Saturday, the 18 of July we had group of volunteers pulling up this non-native invasive plant. Many thanks to everybody who came and help.
The site we were working was just behind the towpath where the Hammerton's (the foot) ferry lands in Ham.
It was so much fun, we decided to carry on next Saturday too.
Besides being a fun job , it is also important.
The Himalayan Balsam is a very invasive plant, we can see it in multitude along the river banks and in flood areas. It that was introduced to Britain in 1839 due to its exotic colorful attraction for parks and gardens.
Since then it has rapidly spread especially along river banks and other damp nutrient-rich areas.
Himalayan balsam  can produce around 800 seeds per stem. The viability of these seeds is approximately 3 years.
The best time to pull it is when the stems are at least 50cm tall and before the flowers turn to seeds.
This can be between April and late July, depending on the climatic conditions of the year.
Pull the stems gently to ensure that the whole root system is removed. It can be more successful the lower down the stem you grip but – be sure to bend your knees not at the waist!
Place the pulled stems in high piles. This prevents roots from the stems on the top of the pile from being in contact with the soil and re-rooting.
Himalayan balsam should not be removed from the site.
To avoid transfer of seed during high water, wherever possible make the pile as far away from the river bank (within the site)

The work goes on

Meet in by the Foot Ferry in Ham

Come and help us pull up it by the river. It's easy and fun!
Please wear boots, gloves, long-sleeves and long trousers
All ages are welcome
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Fantastic meditation from "The Secrets" Lisa Nichols on "Discovering Your Worthiness"
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