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"I write because I cannot help it." -- Charlotte Bronte
"I write because I cannot help it." -- Charlotte Bronte

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STEALING LIBERTY -- A heist so monumental, it may cost them everything...
STEALING LIBERTY by Jennifer Froelich, published by Clean Reads, 2017 I am so excited to share this news with you: my new novel, STEALING LIBERTY, will be released in all e-book formats June 13, 2017.  Here's the scoop: When Reed Paine is
sent to a secret d...

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Millennials and the Media: Five Themes to Watch for on TV, in Books and at the Movies
Back in January, when I wrote about why I love Millennials , I mentioned that Millennials are media cynics who neither watch nor trust what the mainstream media has to say about politics. It's true, and I respect that. Truly. But I know what some of you wer...

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Trump's becoming our President Tomorrow: Let's All Try not to Freak Out
Donald Trump will become our 45th president tomorrow. This is as close as I can come to summarizing online reactions to his pending inauguration: Some of you, (and you know who you are) are also a little like this: So you're not happy Trump is going to be o...

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Why I Love Millennials
Millennials. lazy. idiots. entitled. Well that's what comes up at the top of a Google search.  Some call them the "Me Generation." Others take to social media to label them crybabies, snowflakes, leeches, parasites and any number of other colorful insults. ...

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Happy birthday, Jane
Source: I hold the page and smile.  I touch the face I loved. It’s become famous, this image, and called like and unlike by those who knew her.  And I gaze at it and see what they see and see what they do not.  I’ve tried to draw too, though not s...

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Confessions of a NanoWriMo Failure
I'm a failure. A big fat failure. I'm so sick about my failure, I write this post distracted. Don't expect pithy sentences or clever metaphors. Expect cliches, danging participles and archaic expressions. I'm too upset to even try to impress you. Yes, it's ...

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Rescue Me
In the wake of last week's election results, do you feel the need to be rescued? Chivalry by Francis Bernard Dicksee I ask because I'm confused by all the feminine outrage I've read since Donald Trump was elected. I mean, I get not liking Trump -- I don't l...

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I know you are, but what am I?
Liar . Thief . Crooked. Bully . Pig. Criminal . Name calling in politics is nothing new, but with less than a week until election day, America is engaged in a presidential battle like never before, taking us back to the darkest days of our childhood, when t...

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Case Study: Haitian Earthquake Relief and the Clinton Foundation
For the past couple of months, I've talked a lot about media bias: the forms it takes, where we find it, how it's manipulated by candidates and how to identify it. Today, I want to take a practical approach by analyzing a current event and how it is covered...

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Label Me, I'll Label You
Juliet said that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Maybe. But only if I'm holding the rose and smelling it while calling it an onion. If I don't have a rose in my hand, I mentally "smell" something very different when the words "rose" or "onion...
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