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Kinza Sheikh
Loves reading books and writing one of my own :D
Loves reading books and writing one of my own :D

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The Power of Story Which is Ready
I had always heard that when deciding which genre are you gonna write in (or for genre hoppers like me, which genre will you write in next?) you should consider about which genre you actually read. I always loved reading fantasy, watched anime's and fantasy...

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Morning Rituals for a Great Working Day!
Mornings are the most important part of your day. If start off correctly, it can add layers upon layers of productivity and almost  guarantee a good working day. If done it right... So my mornings comprise of small rituals which I am currently loving; stret...

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Something new as an apology for being absent for soo long :3

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After a long hiatus. Finally I am back to business :D
Check out my new blog post

My Irish name is Ireth Helyanwë
Wanna discover yours?
Here's the link

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Kinza Sheikh commented on a post on Blogger.
But I am confused in adding link pages in this format.......?

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Green Peas Rice!
This is first recipe in my blog. And it is also an easy one. What you are gonna need is: Green Peas ; 2 cups Rice ; 4 cups Onion ; 1 sliced  Tomatoes ; 3 pieces Green Chilli ; Handful (The more the merrier :P ) Cayenne Pepper Powder ; 1 tblspn (you will rea...

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My kitchen made pedicure recipe!
One of the thing you should reward yourself every once in a while is ; mighty Pedicure. It relaxes you, makes you feel good, is beneficial for health, since it sucks all the tiredness. Feet are poor things always getting ignored, even though they are the mo...

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Feet scrub recipes!
The most important part of skin care is exfoliation. Which can be done by scrubbing. While there are many options available at cosmetics shop, there are peoples like me who aren't comfortable with artificial products. For them these are pretty simple homema...
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