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Jan Zawadzki
Hapara: empowering teachers
Hapara: empowering teachers

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Kiwi? or love Flight of the Conchords?  You want to see this film.
Living in the US?  Now you can!  My first Kickstarter project sponsorship.  It's that good.  Orsome.

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TOTALLY off-topic.  Watch any sitcoms (TV, actually!)?  Uncanny.

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This is WELL worth a listen if you haven't yet.  The push for profit is silencing voices that need to be heard.  Ursula Le Guin.

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Agricultural monoculture: a world denuded.  

There were no bees. The air, the ground, seemed vacant. He found one ant "so small you couldn't pin it to a specimen board." A little later, crawling to a different row, he found one mushroom, "the size of an apple seed." (A relative of the one pictured below.) Then, later, a cobweb spider eating a crane fly (only one). A single red mite "the size of a dust mote hurrying across the barren earth," some grasshoppers, and that's it. Though he crawled and crawled, he found nothing else.

"It felt like another planet entirely," he said, a world denuded.

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Visualization: how much money companies make per second.  
Useful context for corporate largesse.   

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+Audrey Watters on Kurzweil's singularity (2045):
 "A planet covered in grey goo with 10 university-teaching-machines delivering educational content to student-machines."

One day, with enough CPU cycles, we'll find the magic formula that produces the optimal outcomes for the student-machines.  Sigh.

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"Pupils at Hogwarts have access to a reasonably wide range of esoteric qualifications, suited to its key demographic.  
As an independent school, it does not have to follow the National Curriculum closely; however, it is disappointing to note that basic requirements such as English, Mathematics and Religious Education are all lacking or entirely missing from the school's syllabus."

New OSX Mavericks Safari "feature"??

Open up a "deep" URL (i.e. one with parameters, etc.)  Once the page loads, try changing the URL - replace a parameter for example.  

Sometimes, but not always, instead of waiting for you to press "enter", Safari requests the URL's after every keystroke.  Yup.  

You're not crazy.  It's Safari.

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Synchronized, multi-HD-camera perspective on classical music performance.  You get to control the view.  AWESOME.
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