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Vieko Franetovic
{ vee-echo } Mercenary Wizard
{ vee-echo } Mercenary Wizard

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Very cute #googlebirthday doodle!

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My brother Andro, world-class chef and super dad, was ran over by a drunk driver while he biked to work at 4AM almost one year ago… 

his family, friends and the DC chef community is organizing a run to aid in his recovery as well as to raise awareness for cyclist safety + drunk driving. If you are in the Arlington area tomorrow or know someone who would like to participate, please let them know!

PS - they call him Pedro ;)

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+KRUNCH Collector's Edition CDs are finally in! Time to pack things together and ship :)

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Here's our interview with Jon Holmes! Watch us banter, laugh and discuss +KRUNCH and our future projects here: Sup, Holmes? Ep 59 w/ LeGrudge & Rugged!

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Here's some photos from the KRUNCH Collector's Edition printing!
The KRUNCH Collector's Edition is done printing! Waiting on CD replication and shipping soon :)
KRUNCH Collector's Edition on Press
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+KRUNCH will be at PAX East this year courtesy of @IndieGameStand! If you are attending, stop by, play awesome indie games and grab some swag on your way out :)

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We are happy to be part of +Indie Royale's Mash Bundle and hope you take advantage of the opportunity :) ... +KRUNCH + Soundtrack, 4 fantastic games, Extras!

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+KRUNCH is now available on +GamersGate :)
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