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Craig Foster

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Craig Foster

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For coaches and players....Excellent thoughts on how best to teach or learn motor skills in any sport from John Kessel.

Craig Foster

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Lee Trevino shows how he likes to speed up play. He plays fast and still has plenty of time to talk.

Craig Foster

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Craig Foster  illustrated interview on The Golf Club Radio Show with Danielle Tucker

Craig Foster

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My column about the advantages of Dynamic Pre-Shot Alignment, as opposed to traditional static alignment, published in Golf Today Northwest e-zine.

Craig Foster

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Comparison of DynAlign's dynamic pre-shot alignment with popular tour putting technique, which is generally static and vulnerable to variation in alignment during the stroke.  A dynamically loaded set-up is also helpful in maintaining consistency of aim from address to impact.
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Director of Instruction
Golf Instruction
  • DynAlign Golf LLC
    Founder, 2001 - present
    Creator of a dynamic pre-shot alignment technique known as DynAlign, which uses dynamic alignment to prepare for dynamic golf motion. When applied to putting and chipping, DynAlign can produce a stable and repeatable stroke without the use of any training aids. Aim of the putter is more consistent from address through impact because the golfer and club are connected as a single assembly and reduced slack in the joints. DynAlign has been used on the PGA and Champions Tour by Steve Elkington since 2011 when he was ranked #1 in two putting categories. The Stroke of the Future video produced by Steve Elkington demonstrates how a golfer can use DynAlign to create a stroke with greatly enhanced stability when compared to tradition pre-shot preparation. The video download is available in the Digital Store at Inventor of the Right Touch putting distance control trainer, the finest touch trainer in golf.
  • Craig's Custom Clubs
    Club Builder, 1985 - 2014
    Full service club repair, including Authorized Factory Repair Center Ben Hogan Co. 1987-1997
  • Secret In The Dirt
    Instructor, 2011 - 2014
    Featured contributor on Steve Elkington's golf social media site
  • Lazer Putter
    Pro Tour club builder, 2013 - 2014
    Building custom Lazer Putters for players on all major tours.
PGA Tour Stats 2011. Steve Elkington made every putt from 4 feet, 368/368, using DynAlign's dynamic pre-shot alignment.

DynAlign provides superior alignment of golfer and putter for improved control of the club path and clubface alignment at impact. Remove the alignment destroying slack from your address position for real putting consistency.

No training aids to buy because DynAlign gives you all the benefits of using a training aid while you are playing on the course. USGA legal.

Secure video download:

For 600+ Free instructional videos visit

Bragging rights
DynAlign is the putting alignment choice of PGA Tour Legend Steve Elkington
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