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Thomas Madkins

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Pitch feedback
Pros: How we thought through the animation techniques and decide on lego but thought it wouldn't have looked serious enough so we corrected ourself by deciding to go with paper cut out. Understood the purpose of what Help For Heroes actually does Mise-en-sc...

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Animation Timeline.
1833 (180 AD)
Zoetrope      The zoetrope consists of a cylinder with slits cut
vertically in the sides. On the inner surface of the cylinder is a band with
images from a set of sequenced pictures. As the cylinder spins, the user looks
through the slits at t...

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Documentary research
What we Are Filming it on: Our documentary is called 'A life of a sixth former' we are going to film 3 different students that study at Ravens Wood School. These 3 students all do different subjects and have different lifestyles in and out of school. Who ar...

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Evaluate Commentary
after releasing our Documentary we reviewed it by talking about what was going on and how we filmed the documentary as an explanation to the audience. We went over what went well and what we could have improved if we were to film it again. With the document...

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Feedback Questionnaire
1ST PERSON 1.) What do you think the message of our Animation is ?  In my opinion i  believe that the animation that you have created gives off the message that people don't appreciate what "Help for Heroes" for the families and people whom has served the c...

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Camera Test Shot analysis
During our animation that we created, we tried to produce a number of different camera angles within the animation to give the whole video more of a dynamic/realistic look and feel to animation. From this example we tried to create a close up shot during th...

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Copyright Research
What is Copyright? Copyright is essentially a legal document which allows you to protect any idea or creation you have come up with. This "Protection" will stop people having the right to take your idea and use it as theirs or use your idea freely (such as ...

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Team Meeting Minute
During this meeting we discussed a number of different topics that needed to be completed during the following weeks ahead. Between us we divided the work into 3 different sections. Tom Madkins: Filming, editing and creating the animation. Kieran McWilliam:...
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