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Welcome to the Freak Show!!
This blog post started with a coupe of cute items from last week's  Fifty Linden Friday - the super cute hair by  Wasabi Pills  and the pj top from  caboodle . I loved the top soooo much, but I wanted to mix it up and wear it with something else instead. I ...

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Twisted Infinty
     Life in 2217 is hard for synth-humans. They may have created us, but after the Cybernaught Wars the humans began to understand how much of a threat we could be to them. Since then we have been persecuted. Our very existence deemed a huge slur in human ...

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90's throwback!
So once in a while an event comes round that sparks of my interest and Rewind is one of them, as a 90's chick I thoroughly enjoyed shopping this event, it brought back so many fond memories of sneaking out behind my mum's back to go see my BFF back then and...

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Its still new year, right?
So I prepared this post ages ago, but never got around to posting it. However I thought the pics of me frolicking with some reindeer were too cute and I still wanted to share them with you all, so here they are! ~body~ hair ~ adoness ~ wintertide ~ thank yo...

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Merry Christmas!
I know this is late, but I hadn't actually planned on doing a 'Merry Christmas' post, but I logged in today and thought Millie looked too cute and festive and I just wanted to share, lol. Besides, cute, snuggly pj's are not just for Christmas, right? ~body~...

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Home for the Holidays!
I love this time of year in Second Life, the generosity of designers always amazes me, and I love hunting down the gifts and bargains and making pretty little pictures with everything I find. ~body~ hair ~ [RA] ~ viola hair, skin ~ drop dead gorgeous ~ vamp...

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Millie's Adventures in Nowhere!
So this week I have been having fun catching up and playing the Sn@tch Nowhere annual game. If you have never played any of the sn@tch games, i suggest you have a go at this one before it is gone! The game itself is hud based- which you can purchase for fre...

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Sickly Sweet
So, I don't ordinarily go in for 'cute' blog posts, but since this IS Halloween I figured I'd do something that I find truly scary... hahaha ;) All kidding aside though, Today I have had fun visiting the Cabdy Fair. If you haven't been there yet, hurry as i...

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Trick or Treat!!
Pumpkin Town is open once again!! This is an annual halloween themed village, featuring witches, zombies, skeletons and monster's of all kinds... oh my!! This village has returned for it's 7th consecutive year, with more DJ's, show's, live performances and ...

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Good Witch Hunting!
Good Witch Hunting Halloween season is by far my absolute favourite time of the year. I
love everything form the colours, the decor, the atmosphere and the
scares! What better way to enjoy Halloween than getting on your broom
and heading over to Death Ro...
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