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BIRD POKER RULES V1.0 #BirdPokerRules

For those who have been asking about the rules for #BirdPoker I have been vague on purpose because I wasn't sure what they were myself. 

First a bit of the history of Bird Poker which was originally played by the beautiful +Lee Daniels and myself. On weekends Lee would post a photo of a bird and I would try to post the same bird in a better pose or somehow outdo her photo. Over the course of the evening we would post many photos trying to one up each other. A very important part of our game was trash talking and we entertained anyone that was following us with our comments.(so I hope) After playing for several weeks, others joined in the game and it became hard to keep up with everyone's great photos so the hashtag #BirdPoker was born. The trash talking is very limited now to the point of being almost polite (I do miss that part, Lee) and is only done between regular players of the game and not towards new people joining so we don't intimidate anyone.

Enough BS on to the Rules...

The Bird must be alive and in the wild and photographed by you. No zoo photos. No dead Parakeets nailed to the perch (but it's not dead it's only sleeping)

Method of Play...

Anyone can join in the game at any time! There is no set time to start play and it usually starts with someone posting a photo with the hashtag #BirdPoker and then someone else posting a photo in return. To keep some kind of order, the game is kept to a theme until everyone has exhausted their photos of that type of bird. Examples of themes we have used are... Raptors, Owls, Woodpeckers, backyard birds, etc. I would suggest watching the game to see how it progresses before joining so you post the right kind of bird. If it is a new game please open low instead of opening with an Ivory-Billed Woodpecker (IBW) as that would be a very short game. The idea is to slowly raise the quality of play keeping everyone in for as long as possible. As the game plays on some people will drop out due to having no photos left or having to leave the game for some reason. No winner is ever announced and there are no prizes. Spectators are welcome to watch.

Bonus Round...

Sometimes when the game has progressed to the point that a few players are dominating, have taken the game to a very high level and everyone is running out of photos the game will change. An example would be that player A has posted a photo of an Eagle in flight with a fish that is amazing and would be hard to top. Everyone goes wow and the game would come to an end except player B changes suit and posts a photo of a Tern with a fish in flight and this changes the game into Terns from then onwards. Sound confusing? That's why it is only done with two or three people playing. Just think Crazy Eights.
Please keep the play friendly and some of the players are Pros so don't be too crushed when the IBW is played. Commenting on other players photos is part of the game... make new players feel welcome.

I made the new hashtag #BirdPokerRules so we could point newcomers to this page and the rules. Please don't use this hashtag for anything else.

New themes will be posted in the comments below. Feel free to post your own if there is not a game in play already.


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