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COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
Source of Information about COPD
Source of Information about COPD

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I have had an interesting year.   My breathing had gotten so bad, I hated to go anywhere.  I felt like I was have a continuous asthma attack.  Nothing was working. 

Then finally, I figured it out.   I had been on a rice kick and was buying rice in 20# bags.. unbeknownst to me at the bottom of the bag there was 3 or 4 different kinds of mold.  There was pink and blue and black and shades in between.  

Suffice it to say, that out into the fire pit to be burned when the rice.   

My breathing improved a lot.. but is seemed like I had lost a lot lung function.  In a couple of week, I stopped getting better so when from one end to the other. well during my bad time, not much got done.. so mold and mildew in the tubs..  both shower curtains hit the trash and bath tubs were cloroxed down.

As an extra added bit of fun, I had become very anxious about doing anything, even getting dressed and definitely about going anywhere be it the doctor or the grocery store.  

Those of you with your own breathing issues can certainly understand this..   Well I was also having some back pain and I had used elavil for it before. so I asked for a scrip.  It took a while but not only did the back disappear but there were quite a few benefits I hadn't counted on.. you know lung-bladder connection, way improved.  Still some anxiety though..

So back to doctor and ask for something for that.. onto Lexapro..  After 3 weeks major improvement in breathing, congestion, lung -bladder-colon connection.

Now the moral of this story is that a lot of my breathing problems were anxiety related.  Its not hard to become anxious when you can't breath, the problem is when the anxiety ceases to leave.   

Sometimes its hard to tell what is causing what.   

Anyway, another PFT later and I am back to where I was according to the numbers, but very much out of shape and needing oxygen most of the day, but even that is getting better. 

My dog is hoping that I will get well enough to take for longer walks.  That will be a while, too many hills and only one short level stretch.  But I have re-bounder and hope to rebuilt the muscles and learn to breath more deeply.

Has anyone ever tried H2 Oregano oil for nebulizers?   I have been doing it for a few weeks and I think it might be helping...  my worst days aren't as bad as they have been..   

PS I had my DNA done and it said there was a gene that accelerated the decline in lung function.. given my lungs were at 47% FEV at age 47 I am guessing that is right...

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"75% of the families who ended up in bankruptcy in the wake of a serious medical problem had health insurance at the onset."

This seems like an excellent indication that our health insurance isn't doing what it should. Oof.

Hat tip to +Piaw Na.

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The Available Treatments for COPD
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