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There is someone on that tree!
There is someone on that tree!
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First hours of Monday and I am amused:

Here’s a way to amuse and delight your friends (courtesy of Leigh Klotz).
First, in great secret, do the following:
% mkdir foo
% touch foo/foo~
Then show your victim the results of these incantations:
% ls foo*
% rm foo~
rm: foo~ nonexistent
% rm foo*
rm: foo directory
% ls foo*

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A bit slow, but so good. Reminds me of the days when Contact was released.

Contact changed me in so many ways and shaped my future for the best. I hope Arrival will do so for the next generation, for those who are now young of mind. 

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Малко истини в книгите за лични финанси
Да започна с това какво мотивира този пост. Преди няколко седмици попаднах на профила на млад български предприемач . Зарадвах се на успеха на един съвсем съвсем млад човек и доста време прекарах разглеждайки какво е споделил за себе си и пътя си. Направи м...

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Web worker, RAF, nextTick - what is there to it?
Let's start with the premise: we want to know the details on how a combination of a web worker (i.e. event based communication with a separate thread in JS) can be used to process data and communicate with the main thread in regards of asynchronous job sche...

Safari has it, Firefox has it, Edge has it. Only Chrome does not have it. Guess what it is!

Answer: reader view.

And guess what more? No suitable (or even working properly) extension exists any more, I ave tried five (the ones I could find).

Google, you are indeed pushing all those developer oriented APIs, but why not start thinking about the users and stop expecting devs to fill in the gaps you are leaving behind your march for speed and innovation...

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I think this will be the end of Firefox. It is already the most unpopular browser and indeed the only reason people keep it around is because of the absolutely best add-ons ever, my favorite being: EPUBreader, ScrapBook.

As one user put it:
I would change browsers in an instant if this add-on was available on other platforms. It is unique, it is stable, and it can't be beat for local archiving of full or partial web pages.

So unless Firefox is ready to put forward the 'several times faster than chrome' rendering they have demoed a year ago I think they can just close the shop right now and stop trying.

So this is happening now: Google is limiting its WEB services to Chrome only!

I get to the unsupported page when navigating to on firefox. How cute.... I am starting to think that Google might get to the dark side little by little...

The official announcement says:

Finally, we know how important it is to provide access to the news and stories you care about, wherever you are. And that’s why we have not only included Android and iOS in this update, but have extended Newsstand 4.0 to the web with our brand new web app. No matter which platform or device you use, all of your personalization and favorite sources are just a tap or click away.

Yeah right...

After tweaking and playing with Firefox for over a week I now remember why I was so sad when I had to leave it for Chrome!

Firefox is an amazing experience, devs should stop ignoring it and bringing features / app only to Chrome.

After a week of exclusive use (I am on Developer edition, its faster for me somehow, maybe e10s?), I found several apps and sites that are overwhelmingly poorly executed, but Chrome is so kind to hide it because its so fast and tolerates so much more bad code (for example running exhaustive style recalculation on RAF even when absolutely NOTHING is visually changing on the page). Instead of switching back I contacted the corresponding sites and presented my findings. Guess what - the reply is in the lines of "if it works on chrome that's enough, most users will use chrome anyway".

What? So basically because Chrome can run some code paths faster the devs get a free pass on writing poorly optimized and even on places plain stupid code, exhausting your battery (even if Chrome runs it faster it still has to run it - right!) and neglecting Firefox users... wow..

I AM old enough to remember the time when site simply stated: "Build for IE, please use Internet Explorer 5".... and because now days everyone is a web developer, things are starting to look a lot like they looked so many years ago. Shame on us! We are indeed going nowhere / in circles with this technology thing....

Have you notices that basically all examples lately considering patterns are written in TypeScript, as if we all MUST know this language in order to be able to write apps... this is getting out of hand!

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Well this turned out to be really interesting and fun!
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