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See how far a curious little girl’s imagination takes her with the help of Nexus 7.

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+Earth is such a beautiful place!

(I learn fun things in Astronomy!)

Whenever I see a company with a yahoo email address, I assume that it's a small business with a manager who doesn't know how to use a computer.

Sorry, Yahoo.

I wish the 49ers won. I need to see their rise to greatness in my lifetime. Also, we need another great 49er to supply a name for my family's third dog (nevermind that we don't have a second dog yet...)

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The whole article is interesting, but this page in particular is really interesting. Generational differences in attitudes towards technology never fail to excite me.

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Hahahaha everyone forgets about white collar criminals...

"He feeds cats, he's like the town cat feeder." - +Alex Fang

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I've never been so distressed by a satire in my life.


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Google, you have thought of everything.

#PersonalSearch +Google+

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