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Sometimes the simplest things in life are the most fun. Things like skateboarding a shopping cart through the parking lot. :)
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I feel the same way. It's so easy to look in a mirror and enjoy my own visage, but I often forget just how fun, and rewarding, it is.
I should have known that you, +Matthew Dobson would invade one of my posts with talk about yourself.
How have you not figured this out? I am pretty much the most amazing person, ever. If you want me to mope...sorry, talk to Daniel or Robert.
+Mary Jacobs Does sticking your arms straight out from your sides and making noises like an airplane while you're going down the isles of grocery stores with your kid count as child abuse? ;)
Heh..I've got a 4 and 12 year I have one foot firmly planted in toddlerhood and one in pre-teenhood. Pray for my soul as I'm a condemned soon as one is old enough to be kicked outta the house, the other will be entering the pre-teen era >:(
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