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Welcome To My Page!
Welcome To My Page!

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Nаturаl dеоdоrаnts are becoming more popular and are a safe alternative to conventional deodorants and antiperspirants. Most women focus solely on covering their body odor and are not aware that the products they use are laced with toxic chemicals.  Many women shy away from natural deodorant with the belief that it does not work; however, […]

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Are you being your true authentic self or hiding behind a mask? In other words, are you living a lie? We tend to live day to day conforming to the expectations of our family, friends, loved ones, teachers, employers, and society while being afraid to live in our truth. Living your life according to other […]

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Are you a victim of holding onto past hurts, toxic people and situations that no longer serve you? Letting go of your baggage will lead you to a path of inner growth, transformation, and a life of freedom. For many years, I was a victim of holding onto baggage that prevented me from moving forward. I […]

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