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The latest song I'm practicing with my voice teacher with "When She Loved Me" from Toy Story 2. I was practicing it with the video today and made myself cry. Fail, as the kids say.

New job begins in two weeks!

Every time I sing "My Funny Valentine", it turns into a burlesque number. Is that supposed to happen?

Had my very first singing lesson today, and adored every second of it. Yes, even what amount to blowing raspberries for five minutes (lip buzzes relax the facial muscles, I'm told). It did not hurt matters that I had my instructor's dog in my lap for part of it.

I once again lament that the entire entertainment industry is in a state I do not want to live in. How can I voice act if you all insist on being so far away?

Car shopping blows. First test drive - a 2010 Chevy Cobalt - had worse brakes than my current 2001 Honda Accord. And that's with the Honda's brakes getting worse recently.

Emails to my senators opposing SOPA and PIPA: done!

I have joined up on Broken Forum - I'm there as Rapunzel.

In preparation for buying bookshelves, I'm making an inventory of all our books for easy sorting once we have shelves for them. So far, strategy guides take up an entire page.

I played so much Skyward Sword last week that my arm hurts. Does this mean I get a pass on not working out since before Christmas?
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