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Analogue Hobbie Challenge - first points
Managed to complete my first points in the Analogue Painting Challenge. 16 x 28mm French Napoleonic Light Infantry for a total of 80 points. First points on the board, now im off and running.

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Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge
I am not the most productive painter over the winter months so it is with some trepidation that i have signed up for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge for the first time. Hopefully it will give me the impetus to finish some painting projects. Along wi...

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Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
More Knight Models, this time its the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Love the Magneto figure, its a great game if you are thinking about giving it a try, full of flavour and great for storey telling.

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Robin of Sherwood
Commission wise i have been busy painting Robin Hood and his band  of Outlaws. The evil Sheriff sneaked in there as well. Not sure of the make of all the figures. Was quite generous with the foliage on the bases to give a forest feel.

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Have finished the last of the Knight Models, Marvel Universe starter sets. This last one was the X-men and Deadpool. They are some of my favourite superheroes so i an not sure why i did them last, but they are all done know and ready for the tabletop. Also ...

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More Frostgrave
Finished another Frostgrave warband. This one with a strong purple theme and snow bases.

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Guardians of the Galaxy
Just finished this commission for a friend down at North Oxfordshire Wargaming Club . Hopefully they will be regular opponents for my Avengers using the new Marvel Universe rules from Knight Models.

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Avengers Assembled.
Really excited about the prospect of playing Knight Models new Marvel Universe Miniature Game down at my local club. I have finished my first team - The Avengers. Really finely detailed models that painted up much easier than i thought they would.

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Star Wars Imperial Assault
I have been feeling the force recently, with the release of a new film and playing lots of X-wing. With this in mind i thought i should paint up some of the minis from the Star Wars Imperial Assault box. Next step is to tackle all the stormtroopers., should...

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Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes dressed up and ready for an adventure on the moors.
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