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At the impervious latter stage of Lung Cancer growing close to my heart, with the grace of God and my miraculous healing power, after breaking my FEMA on December 8th 2016, I was Ward 5G at Royal Perth Hospital, I was self determined to repair my status Quo without Rehabilitation. I was successful in my attempt to get back on my feet, be airlifted by Virgin Airways back to Kalgoorlie in Western Australia.
I found the whole transition easy to encompass. I think the main ingredient is locked away in the recess of our minds. Arguably, self healing has distinct qualities, perhaps Parkinson's Disease, might also be tied into the brain with electrostatic impulses which could help sufferers overcome their illness.
With advanced kinetics, maybe brain neutron Impulses via special aids, might be a pivotal source towards rendering medical solutions to sufferers on a grandeur scale.
I hope so.
We can only set down specific parameters which we hope, will unbind those patients who's whole life experiences rests upon clinical analysis in the hope of a cure.
I am located for Public comment at the Southern Cross Nursing Home in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.
Here I am now embracing the full onslaught of Cancer, it's demographics and complications.


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If only Google stuck with #Hyundai on their #GENESIS2016 MODEL their marketing of #DRIVERLESSCARS would be up to date. I believe #HYUNDAI DESERVES RESPECT IN THE AUTOMOTIVE AWARDS. FRANK BURNS

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I'm just happy to have successfully undergone a major #Fema right hip reconstruction without complication. I fell over on December 10th at the Southern Cross Nursing Home in Kalgoorlie where I now reside. I am noticing old building materials at the nursing home that cannot withstand rainy weather. I fear for the residents both frail & aged. There should be an external funding for renovations Independent of the corporate body to oversee replacement of old materials. If +AUSPOL would care for the real taxpayers of Our Nation. These are the true Aussie backbone who bore the front of many events of the past, who deserves far more now than we can possibly deliver? It's not just about making money Malcolm Turnbull, it is about fairness & Equality to all Australians?

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First Google advertised the Genesis brand by #Hyundai  but they can't make up their minds at the GooglePlex, always shifting to the next best thing! I think Hyundai were the better of the two, take one Larry Page & Sergey Brin, it doesn't really matter as you both decide on what you think, you forget about the metrics?

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Alike the Cancer Research Campaign created by Steve Sutton #TCT in England, I too wish to be productive before #endofdays before Cancer claims me.

I'm also looking at the feasibility of using donation funds towards the purchase of specialized hospital equipment, upgrading their existing equipment in running order, whilst focusing on the charities who support the Cancer/Palliative care services/Eastern Goldfields Network where I live, and what existing services for Cancer patients that might need refining to help provide a better style of life to patients.

For Instance, I have a referral that takes me from Kalgoorlie to Perth for Radiation Therapy.

I think it is essential that a service needs to be put into place to do the simple tasks of organizing transportation and accommodation with such referrals, leaving the patient free from stress during the transition.

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Frank Burns commented on a post on Blogger.
I hate the idea of private collectors of Antiquity, the past belongs to the world and it is not for sale. I'm hoping in Sri Lanka now the war has ended, this Plaque might help historians peice together a significant find from the #LostCivilizationOfKandy . Had I sold this Plaque to the highest bidder, I would have contravened my stance against being poor. I'm not proud being on a pension but I'm happy in the decision I made to secure this Plaque at the Perth Museum in Western Australia.

In an effort to bring about a #PeaceAccord in Syria, I'm suggesting one PARLIAMENTARY MINISTER from each nation, to be housed in Allepo to help end the bombings.

Their individual health & welfare and safety largely depends upon the goodwill and negotiations through NATO with strict compliance to end aerial bombardments whilst allowing the transition of Peace to eventuate.

I don't think Russia or their allies would call a strike against their own Foreign Diplomats.

If this is a way that Peace might reign in Syria, it will be a start towards reconciliation whilst leaving room for open debates & discussion between all parties.

Amnesty might be a consideration but there must be scope and dialogue with a satisfactory outcome.

The world is watching, pray we find an amicable solution to end this war with a stable approach towards a lasting Peace Deal.

It is time now that we dispose of weapons whilst demonstrating our ability to rebuild and forgive.

Compassion & Mercy for those who have survived the onslaught.

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In 2006 I had an appointment in Northam Western Australia as I succumbed to prostate cancer.

I was advised by a friend to use anything tomato based, my symptoms cleared up in a relatively short span of time, cancelling my doctors appointment.

I also imparted this stream of good luck to help Warren Buffet.

Its now 2016 and I have absolutely no symptoms whatsoever.
I use tomato sauce (any brand) will do and I am healthy in this regard.

By word of mouth from a friend, I have much to thank him for his advice, although not a medical practitioner .

Something worthy to use as an #alternative opposed to the norm. #circleshare #sharingcircles 

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Good. I can see that you took my suggestion seriously with #TELSTRA before you enter into the #TELCO arena.

By amalgamating a business strategy plan with Australia's best Internet service provider, you will save millions by simply listening to their advice.

Whilst I'm here, think about contacting the #Satellite Owners (800 Satellites) whose biggest hurdle is funding for stationary, non orbital & non operating satellites in Space.

You can gradually build your Enterprise in Space by sharing bandwidth & operational costs with hundreds of Satellites to enhance #ProjectLoom .

Imagine being able to distribute your product base, Internet & worldwide coverage to countries which don't have the capabilities in delivering associated content to billions of people who can't access Information or Services due to their remote locations.

You can perhaps, use the available Satellites to secure worldwide domination under your own #tos at your own leisure & pace.

Strike a merger with #TELSTRA and you're both on the homeward run without spending billions by launching one or two Satellite's over a number of years?

Be Quick, you have the #advantage before the wolves of prey strike back.

#TheFuture of Project Loom with an ironic twist. 

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Due to my health & being unwell, I had no sleep last night Google.

What was the #importance of October 5Th 2016?
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