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Kids avoiding the blob blob monster in Burnham-On-Sea Somerset 👍😄
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that' awesome!
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It has been a while since these were posted.  Have a read of these if you are not familiar with them they are all pretty obvious.  

The one point that some of our resistance buddies seem to have forgotten is the "do not photograph agents without permission".  Photos are great at events, anomalies and first saturday's etc but when agents are out attacking portals avoid the temptation to take photos of them unless they are of course all up for group photos ;)  
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First Saturday the second in Birmingham, lovely to meet everyone 👍
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Just a little late to the group photo 😅
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Trust me not to be looking at the camera. 😊
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James may have picked up my jumper rather than his 😂
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I think it was mummy she must of mistook it for mine.
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Alasdair very excited 🐸
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Nice photo I love the jumper.
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Alasdair & James having a great time at think tank park in Birmingham 👍
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Have him in circles
260 people
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So the end of the grindiest of grinds is over, time to find something other than AP to obsess over 🙌☺
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Nice one 
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All the birds were out enjoying the weather in Haden hill park today 😂
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+James Underhill "georgous" I assume ;-)
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Who knew #Niantec were making sure the #Ingress was one sided.
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Yeah +Paul Davidson​ know more than me, my injustice alarm just went off.
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Saw this for the first time in ages, made me smile 😂
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Cherry blossom in the park
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Have him in circles
260 people
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As others have mentioned the decor is.....basic however it is imo a great pub with a commitment to providing a wide selection of local and regional ales that change on a regular basis. Also a wide selection of "craft" lager if that is your thing. At christmas you can also get the christmas bap (if you are quick), which has to be seen to be believed.
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Nice park with nice views, and areas for the children to play. It is quite steep in parts if you are planning to walk around it, and if your planning on wandering into Corngreaves nature reserve bring wellingtons ;-)
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