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This is why addictions are classified as a terminal illness: A Herb Abrams- professional wrestling promoter, heart complications brought on by drug abuse. Nick Adams- actor, drug overdose. David Allen Adkisson- professional wrestler, death speculated upon as drugs overdose. Kerry Gene Adkisson- professional wrestler, suicide, after arrest for cocaine possession and drug problems. Michael Brent Adkisson- professional wrestler, suicide, overdosed on tranquilizers. Ryūnosuke Akutagawa- writer, committed suicide by overdosing on barbiturates. Dennis Allen- infamous drug dealer, drug induced heart failure. GG Allin- punk musician, heroin overdose. Bridgette Andersen- former child actress, alcohol and heroin overdose. Pier Angeli- Italian-born actress, died of anaphylactic shock after being given a tranquilizer by her doctor. Matthew Ansara- actor and bodybuilder, heroin overdose. Chris Antley- champion horse-racing jockey, drug-related causes. West Arkeen- musician, drug overdose. Howard Arkley- painter, drug overdose. Kevyn Aucoin- photographer & make-up artist, kidney and liver failure due to Tylenol toxicity, due to prescription painkillers addiction. B Chet Baker- jazz trumpeter and singer. John Balance- musician, Coil, fell over a banister while drunk. Florence Ballard- musician, The Supremes, cardiac arrest strongly exacerbated by long-term drug abuse. Lester Bangs- musician, writer, overdose of painkillers, possibly accidental. Jean-Michel Basquiat- painter, heroin overdose. Scotty Beckett- American former child actor, suicide, barbiturate overdose. Bix Beiderbecke- jazz musician, alcoholism. Steve Bechler- Major League Baseball pitcher, after using the drug ephedra. John Belushi- of the Blues Brothers, actor, and comedian, heroin and cocaine overdose (speedball). Bunny Berigan- musician, trumpet, liver cirrhosis from alcoholism. Wes Berggren- musician, Tripping Daisy. George Best- ex-footballer with Manchester United, multiple organ failure exacerbated by chronic long-standing alcoholism. Leah Betts- schoolgirl, ecstasy related. Len Bias- basketball star; died of cocaine overdose before ever playing in the NBA. Dave Bidwell- musician, the Pink Fairies, Chicken Shack, Savoy Brown, Mungo Jerry. Bam Bam Bigelow- professional wrestler, toxic levels of cocaine and temazepam. Count Gottfried von Bismarck- Aristocrat, suspected drug overdose. Matty Blagg (real name Matthew Roberts)- musician, Blaggers I.T.A., heart attack due to ketamine / ecstacy OD. Mike Bloomfield- blues guitarist, heroin overdose. Tommy Bolin- musician, Deep Purple, drugs overdose and/or alcohol poisoning. John Bonham- musician Led Zeppelin, alcohol related asphyxiation caused by choking on his own vomit. James Booker- musician, liver failure. Christopher Bowman- former professional ice skater, possible prescription drug overdose. Elisa Bridges- model, acute intoxication - combined effects of heroin, methamphetamine, meperidine and alprazolam. Erik Brødreskift- musician, Borknagar,Gorgoroth,and Immortal, suicide - pill overdose. Herman Brood- musician, suicide after long-term substance abuse issues. Dennis Brown- musician, Reggae singer, believed to be AIDS related but strong rumours of chronic drug abuse. Lenny Bruce- comedian, morphine overdose. Rob Buck- musician, 10,000 Maniacs, liver disease. Tim Buckley- rock and roll musician, heroin overdose. Chad Butler (aka "Pimp C")- rap musician, accidental overdose of Promethazine/Codeine "syrup" mixed with a pre-existing medical condition, sleep apnea. Paul Butterfield- musician, drug and alcohol overdose. C Andrés Caicedo- writer, drugs overdose, and other things (suicide). Toy Caldwell- musician, Marshall Tucker Band. Casey Calvert- guitarist of Hawthorne Heights, accidental drug overdose through mixture of opiates, citalopram, and clonazepam. Ken Caminiti- former Major League Baseball player; acute cocaine and opiates intoxication. Skip Candelori- musician, Turning Point. Max Cantor- journalist, actor, heroin overdose, he became an addict while researching addicts in New York. Truman Capote- writer, liver disease complicated by phlebitis and multiple drug intoxication. Gia Carangi- supermodel, heroin abuse led to a death from AIDS. Leroy Carr- blues musician, cirrhosis of the liver as a result of alcoholism. Gene Clark- musician, the Byrds, bleeding ulcer due to long term alcohol abuse. Sonny Clark- musician, hard bop pianist, heroin overdose. Steve Clark- musician, Def Leppard, accidential death (anti-depressants, painkillers and alcohol). Michael Clarke- musician, the Byrds, liver failure due to long term alcoholism. Will Clay - musician, The Toys. Montgomery Clift- actor, heart attack due to severe alcoholism and drug abuse. Kurt Cobain- musician, Nirvana, heroin overdose and a shotgun wound in head. Also theories for murder. Natasha Collins- actress - cocaine overdose. Brian Cole - musician, the Association, heroin overdose. Brian Connolly- musician, Sweet, liver damage caused by long-term substance abuse and chronic alcoholism. Megan Connolly- actress, heroin overdose. Pamela Courson- common law wife of Jim Morrison of The Doors, heroin overdose. Cowboy(real name Keith Wiggins)- musician, Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five, drug overdose. Carl Crack- musician, Atari Teenage Riot, drug overdose. Darby Crash- punk musician, of The Germs, suicide by heroin overdose. Robbin Crosby- musician, ex-Ratt, contracted HIV as a result of long-time heroin addiction and died of a heroin overdose. D Dalida- singer, suicide, barbiturates overdose (sleeping pills). Dorothy Dandridge- actress, singer, anti-depressant overdose. Eileen Davies- alternative rock singer/ songwriter, heroin overdose. Jesse Ed Davis- guitarist, session musician, drug overdose. Paul Demayo- professional bodybuilder, heroin overdose. Ted Demme- film director, heart attack, small amount of cocaine taken may have contributed. Rick Dey- musician, the Vejtables, February Sunshine, the Wilde Knights and the Merry-Go-Round. Dimwit- musician, D.O.A., drug overdose. Teri Diver- pornographic actress, cardiac arrest caused by overdose of migraine medication. Kiki Djan- musician, Osibisa, drug addiction and AIDS. DJ Screw- musician, heart attack thought to be result of codeine overdose. Desmond Donnelly- politician/ businessman/ journalist, suicide under influence of alcohol/ overdose of barbiturates. Tommy Dorsey- jazz musician and bandleader, choked to death while sleeping with the aid of drugs. John Dougherty- musician, Flipper, heroin overdose. Eric Douglas- stand-up comedian, "acute intoxication" by the effects of alcohol, tranquilizers and painkillers. Nick Drake- musician, anti-depressant overdose, disputed suicide. Michael Dransfield- poet, heroin overdose. Bobby Driscoll- actor, heart failure, long term drug abuse. Kevin DuBrow- rock vocalist, cocaine overdose. Bobby Duncum, Jr.- professional wrestler, prescription drug overdose. Anthony Durante- professional wrestler, drugs overdose. E Jeanne Eagels- actress, alcohol and/or heroin abuse. Tommy Edwards- musician, liner notes for greatest hits album claim death due to alcoholism. John Entwistle- musician, bassist for the Who, died from heart failure brought upon by cocaine use. Brian Epstein- Manager of The Beatles, drug overdose. Howie Epstein- musician, ex-bassist with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, heroin overdose[3]. Rick Evers - musician, drummer and songwriter, was married to Carole King, heroin overdose. F Chris Farley- comedian who rose to fame on Saturday Night Live, cocaine and morphine overdose (speedball). Pete Farndon- musician, the Pretenders, drowned/ heroin overdose. Rainer Werner Fassbinder- playwright, director, cocaine overdose (possible suicide). Brenda Fassie- singer, cocaine overdose. W.C. Fields- performer and actor, complications of alcoholism. Keith Ferguson- musician, the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Aaron Flahavan- professional football goalkeeper, died driving drunk in 2001. Althea Flynt- co-publisher of Hustler magazine, drowned after passing out after drug overdose. Zac Foley- musician, EMF, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, temazepam, barbiturates and alcohol in bloodstream. Katy French- supermodel and socialite, cocaine use. Sigmund Freud- neurologist, long-term cocaine use, physician assisted morphine overdose (euthansia). G Rory Gallagher- musician, Taste, died of pnemonia and a liver failure, caused by side effects of a combination of doctor-prescribed drugs. Paul Gardiner- musician, Tubeway Army, drug overdose. Judy Garland- singer and actress, disputed drug overdose as cause of death. Lowell George- musician, Little Feat, heart attack - habitual drug abuse probable cause. Talitha Getty- actress (Barbarella) and socialite (Wife of John Paul Getty Jr), heroin overdose in Rome 1971. Andy Gibb- singer, younger brother of the Bee Gees; cardiac damage strongly exacerbated by cocaine and alcohol abuse. Simon Gipps-Kent- actor, morphine poisoning, suspected drugs overdose. Candy Givens- musician, Zephyr, drowned in jacuzzi after passing out from a mix of alcohol and quaaludes. Trevor Goddard- former professional boxer turned actor, cocaine, heroin, hydrocodone, and diazepam overdose. Alexander Godunov- actor, died of alcoholism. Dwayne Goettel- musician, Skinny Puppy, heroin overdose. Paul Gonsalves- jazz tenor saxophonist, Duke Ellington, narcotics overdose. Lucy Grealy- poet, presumed accidental drug overdose. Sean Greenway- indie musician, member of GOD, heroin overdose. Gribouille- singer, drugs overdose. Eddie Guerrero- professional wrestler, previous drug use led to heart attack. Stacy Guess- musician, the Squirrel Nut Zippers, heroin overdose. H Clinton Haines- noted computer hacker, heroin overdose on 21st birthday. Paul Hammond- musician, Atomic Rooster, drug overdose (suicide). Bobby Hatfield- musician, The Righteous Brothers, heart attack triggered by cocaine overdose. Tim Hardin- folk musician, heroin and morphine overdose. Brynn Hartman- wife and murderer of comedian Phil Hartman, suicide after cocaine and alcohol. Alex Harvey- musician,The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, liver damage caused by alcohol abuse. Phyllis Haver- actress, intentional barbiturate overdose. James Hayden- actor, heroin overdose. Joey Hawthorne- professional poker player, drug overdose. Eddie Hazel- musician, guitarist, of the P-funk collective, liver failure. Mitch Hedberg- comedian, multiple drug toxicity (cocaine and heroin). Helno (real name Noel Rota)- musician, Les Negresses Vertes, died trying to overcome serious drug addiction. Tim Hemensley- indie musician, member of GOD, heroin overdose. Margaux Hemingway- actress, disputed suicide, overdose of phenobarbital. Jimi Hendrix- rock and roll musician, respiratory arrest caused by alcohol and barbiturate overdose and vomit inhalation. Curt Hennig- professional wrestler, cocaine overdose. Gregory Herbet- musician, Blood, Sweat & Tears. Gino Hernandez- wrestler, cocaine overdose. Bob Hite- musician, Canned Heat, heart attack. Randy Jo Hobbs - musician. Abbie Hoffman- self-identified communo-anarchist, social and political activist in the United States, suicide by overdose of Phenobarbital pills. El Duce Hoke- musician, drummer and singer in the Mentors, hit by train when alcohol intoxicated (disputed murder theories). Billie Holiday- jazz singer died from cirrhosis of the liver attributed to longtime alcohol and heroin abuse. Hollywood Fats- musician, heroin overdose. Gary Holton- actor, Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, alcohol and morphine overdose. James Honeyman-Scott- musician, the Pretenders, cocaine overdose. Shannon Hoon- musician, singer in Blind Melon, cocaine overdose. Howard Hughes- aviator, engineer, industrialist, movie producer, playboy, liver failure - autopsy showed lethal amount of codeine and also valium in body. Gertrude Hullett- died of barbiturate overdose while being treated by suspected serial killer John Bodkin Adams. Elizabeth Hulette- professional wrestling manager, accidential overdose of alcohol, alprazolam, temazepam, oxycodone, hydrocodone, and anabolic steroids. Harold Hunter- professional skateboarder and actor, apparent cocaine overdose. Phyllis Hyman- singer, suicide involving lethal amounts of alcohol and temazepam. J Julio Jaramillo- singer, liver damage caused by alcohol. Steven Ronald "Stevo" Jensen- musician, The Vandals, prescription drug overdose. Joëlle, American born French singer- drug overdose. Anissa Jones- actress (played "Buffy" on American TV series Family Affair), accidential overdose of cocaine, angel dust, Quaaludes and Seconal. Bethany Jones- photographer and makeup artist, complications of muscular dystrophy coupled with injection of methamphetamine. Brian Jones- musician, the Rolling Stones, drowned, very likely due to alcohol and barbiturate intoxication. Rob Jones (a.k.a. The Bass Thing)- musician - former bassist of The Wonder Stuff, heroin/cocaine/alcohol overdose. Russell Jones (a.k.a. Ol' Dirty Bastard)- hip hop musician, accidential overdose, cocaine and prescription painkiller. Janis Joplin- rock and roll and blues musician, heroin overdose. K John Kahn- musician, Jerry Garcia Band, complications of heart disease, heroin, cocaine, and antidepressants found in his body. Wells Kelly- musician, Orleans, heroin overdose. David Kennedy - fourth child of Robert F. Kennedy, cocaine and Demerol overdose. Jack Kerouac- writer/poet, complications due to alcoholism. Bernard Kettlewell- lepidopterist and medical doctor, drug overdose. Dorothy Kilgallen- Irish-American journalist and television game show panelist, fatal combination of alcohol and Seconal, perhaps concurrent with a heart attack. John Kordic- hockey player, died during struggle with police after cocaine overdose. Paul Kossoff- musician, Free, drug-related heart problems. Eddie Kurdziel- musician, Redd Kross, drug overdose. L Alan Ladd- actor, acute overdose of alcohol and hypnotic barbiturates, probable suicide. Arcadia Lake- pornographic actress, drug overdose. Barbara La Marr- actress, drug-related death in Hollywood. Karen Lancaume- pornographic actress, overdose of temazepam (suicide). Carole Landis- actress, overdose of barbiturates (suicide). Peter Laughner- musician, Pere Ubu, acute pancreatitis. Heath Ledger- actor, accidental death Combined Drug Intoxication of various prescription drugs, including oxycodone, hydrocodone, temazepam, and others. Rudy Lewis- musician, the Drifters. Gerald Levert- R&B singer, son of O'Jays singer Eddie Levert - accidental combination of prescription medications. Frank X. Leyendecker- illustrator, drug overdose. Debbie Linden- glamour model & actress, heroin overdose. Ruan Lingyu- silent film actress, overdose of barbiturates. Eugene Lipscomb- American football player, heroin overdose. Mike Lockwood- professional wrestler, choked on his own vomit after overdose of painkillers and alcohol. Trinity Loren (real name: Joyce Evelyn McPherson)- porn star, model, and stripper, accidental overdose of prescription painkillers. Bela Lugosi- actor, drug-related heart attack. Zoe Tamerlis Lund- former child musical prodigy turned model, actress, and writer, heart failure due to heroin use. Donyale Luna- first notable African American supermodel & actress, drug overdose. Frankie Lymon- musician, doo wop singer, heroin overdose. Aaron Lynch- writer on memetics, opiate-based painkiller overdose (coroner ruled accidental death.) Phil Lynott- musician, Thin Lizzy, health breakdown caused by a heroin overdose. (speedball.) M Billy Mackenzie- musician, the Associates, overdosed on temazepam, amitriptyline, and paracetamol (suicide). Chris Mainwaring- Australian Footballer, alleged accidental overdose. Bibek Maitra- politician, drug overdose. Steve Marriott- musician, The Small Faces and Humble Pie, drug related fire. Sherri Martel- professional wrestler, accidental overdose with multiple drugs in her system, including high amounts of oxycodone. Billy Martin- Major League Baseball player and manager, alcohol-related auto accident. James McCallum Bronson- stepson of actor Charles Bronson, drug overdose. David McComb- musician, The Triffids, heroin overdose. Jimmy McCulloch- musician with Wings, guitarist, heroin overdose. Ron "Pigpen" McKernan- musician, the Grateful Dead, gastrointestinal hemorrhage linked to alcohol abuse. Robbie McIntosh- musician, Average White Band, heroin overdose. Clyde McPhatter - singer. Aimee Semple McPherson- Canadian-born evangelist and media sensation in the 1920s and 1930s, overdose of prescription barbiturates. Jonathan Melvoin- touring keyboardist for the Smashing Pumpkins, heroin overdose. Big Maceo Merriweather- blues pianist, chronic alcoholism. Mighty Spoiler- calypso music singer, alcohol-related illness. Miss Christine- musician, The GTOs, heroin overdose. Amedeo Modigliani- painter, tubercular meningitis - exacerbated by poverty, overworking, and excessive use of alcohol and narcotics. Joëlle Mogensen- singer, drug overdose. Marilyn Monroe- actress, overdose of barbiturate-based sleeping pills. Ken Montgomery- musician, D.O.A. Keith Moon- musician, the Who, overdosed on anti-seizure medication prescribed for alcoholism. Edith Alice Morrell- died of morphine overdose while being treated by suspected serial killer John Bodkin Adams. Chester Morris- actor, drug overdose. Jim Morrison- musician, The Doors, heart failure, alcohol abuse (cause and fact of death disputed). Billy Murcia- musician, the New York Dolls, accidental suffocation after drugs and alcohol. Brent Mydland- musician, keyboardist, of the Grateful Dead, cocaine/morphine overdose. Modest Mussorgsky- classical composer, alcohol. N Delphine Neid- musician, The Nuns, drugs overdose. Joachim Nielsen- rock musician in the band Jokke & Valentinerne, drug overdose. Bradley Nowell- musician, Sublime, heroin overdose. Jack Nance- actor, alcohol addiction. O Hugh O'Connor- actor, of In the Heat of the Night TV series, suicide under influence of cocaine. Lani O'Grady- actress, of Eight Is Enough - multiple drug intoxication. Johnny O'Keefe- musician/ singer, heart attack after prescription drugs addiction. Christina Onassis- daughter of the billionaire Aristotle Onassis, pulmonary edema, caused by constant drug abuse and dramatic weight changes. Charlie Ondras- musician, Unsane. Bryan Ottoson- musician, American Head Charge, accidental prescription-drug overdose. Malcolm Owen- singer, lyricist of the Ruts, heroin overdose. P John Panozzo- musician, drummer, Styx, complications of alcohol abuse. Marco Pantani- cyclist, Tour de France winner; acute cocaine intoxication. Charlie Parker- jazz musician; the official cause of death was (lobar) pneumonia and a bleeding ulcer, his death was hastened by his drug and alcohol abuse. Robert Pastorelli- television actor, heroin overdose. Gram Parsons- country musician, of the Byrds and the Flying Burrito Brothers, overdose, purportedly of morphine and tequila. Jon-Jon Paulos- musician, the Buckinghams. Chris Penn- actor (Reservoir Dogs), brother of Sean Penn, heart disease and prescription drugs. Art Pepper- jazz musician. John Pulcine- Painter, drug overdose. Jack Pickford- actor, syphillis & alcohol and drug abuse. Kristen Pfaff- musician, ex-member of Hole, heroin overdose. Esther Phillips- musician, singer, liver and kidney failure due to alcohol and heroin dependency. John Phillips- musician, of the Mamas and the Papas, heart failure due to lifetime of alcohol and narcotics abuse. River Phoenix- actor, overdose of heroin and cocaine (speedball). Jeffrey Lee Pierce- musician, the Gun Club. Rob Pilatus- "musician", Milli Vanilli, drug overdose. Dana Plato- actress, of Diff'rent Strokes, suicide - overdose of muscle relaxant Vanadom (carisoprodol)and Vicodin. Pola- model, appeared in Vogue and Cosmopolitan - heroin overdose in 1975. Jackson Pollock- painter; killed in a single-car accident while driving drunk. Darrell Porter- professional baseball catcher (Kansas City Royals and St. Louis Cardinals) turned broadcaster, cocaine overdose. Elvis Presley- singer, heart attack brought on by overdose of barbiturates. Freddie Prinze- comic, actor (Chico and the Man), self-inflicted gunshot wound while under the influence of Quaaludes. Q Robert Quine- musician, suicide by heroin overdose. Glenn Quinn- actor, heroin overdose. R Carl Radle- bass guitarist, Derek and the Dominos, Eric Clapton, kidney disease due to long term narcotics and alcohol abuse. Dee Dee Ramone- musician, the Ramones, heroin overdose. James Ray- singer, drug overdose. Johnnie Ray- musician, liver failure caused by alcoholism. Michael Reeves- film director, barbiturate overdose. Wallace Reid- actor, flu caused by morphine addiction. Jimmy Reilly- musician, Watertower West and Tony And The Tigers, heroin and alcohol overdose. Elis Regina- singer, fatal alcohol and temazepam interaction. Brad Renfro- actor, overdose of heroin and morphine. Rob Graves Ritter- musician, Thelonius Monster, Gun Club, the Bags, 45 Grave. Rachel Roberts- actress - barbiturate overdose (suicide). Andy Rogers- musician, bassist with Johnny Cash, heroin overdose. Don Rogers- American football player, cocaine overdose. Peter Rosen - musician, War. Alma Rubens- actress, flu caused by heroin addiction. Michael Rudetsky- musician, keyboardist, Culture Club, heroin overdose. David Ruffin- musician, the Temptations, drug overdose. S George Sanders- actor, barbiturates overdose (suicide). Catya Sassoon- model and actress, overdose of hydromorphone and cocaine. Joe Schermie- musician, Three Dog Night, heart attack resulting from long-term drug abuse. Bon Scott- musician, AC/DC, aspiration brought on by alcohol intoxication. Ronnie Scott- jazz tenor saxophonist and jazz-club owner, died accidentally from a mixture of brandy and temazepam. Jean Seberg- actress, barbiturate and alcohol overdose (suicide). Jason Sears- musician, Rich Kids on LSD, treatment with natural drugs. Rod Scurry- Major League Baseball relief pitcher, cocaine-induced heart attack. Edie Sedgwick- actress. Nerine Shatner- wife of actor William Shatner, drowned in swimming pool while intoxicated and with traces of diazepam in bloodstream. Will Shatter- musician, Fliper, heroin overdose. Bobby Sheehan- musician, Blues Traveler, drug overdose. Eric Show- baseball player, cocaine and heroin overdose (speedball). Pavlos Sidiropoulos- rock musician, heroin overdose. Judee Sill- folk musician, heroin overdose. Don Simpson- film producer, heart attack, reports of 20 drugs in his body at time of death. Tom Simpson- road racing cyclist, dehydration and exhaustion while cycling, amphetamines and alcohol usage. Hillel Slovak- musician, Red Hot Chili Peppers, heroin overdose. Anna Nicole Smith- Playboy playmate, actress, reality show star, lethal combination of chloral hydrate and various benzodiazepines. Davey Boy Smith- professional wrestler, heart attack - steroid abuse may have contributed. Robert "Snoopy" Smith- Saxophonist and husband of jazz and blues singer, Fritzi Presley, died in Biloxi, MS of heart attack after a lifetime of alcohol abuse. Freddy Soto- comedian, writer and actor, mixture of alcohol, alprazolam, and fentanyl. Epic Soundtracks - musician, Swell Maps. Louie Spicolli- professional wrestler, choked on vomit after drugs and alcohol overdose. Layne Staley- musician, Alice in Chains, cocaine and heroin overdose (speedball). Joey Stefano- pornographic actor, overdose of cocaine, morphine, heroin and ketamine. Inger Stevens- actress, suicide - overdose of sleeping pills. Rory Storm- musician, suicide - sleeping pills overdose. Margaret Sullavan- actress, deliberate barbiturate overdose. Paige Summers- pornographic model & actress, a drug overdose from a combination of the painkillers codeine and oxycodone. Screaming Lord Sutch- singer and politician, suicide following Prozac overdose. T Zoë Tamerlis Lund- musician turned model, heart failure after sustained heroin and cocaine abuse. Warren Tartaglia (Walid al-Taha)- jazz musician & one of six founders of Moorish Orthodox Church of America, heroin overdose. Chase Tatum- former wrestler for the now-defunct World Championship Wrestling organization, apparent drug overdose. Vinnie Taylor- musician, Sha Na Na, heroin overdose. Gary Thain- musician, Uriah Heep, drug overdose. Jason Thirsk- musician, Pennywise, suicide after depression and alcoholism treatment. Jotie T'Hooft- poet, drug overdose, suicide. Johnny Thunders- musician, the New York Dolls, alcohol and methadone poisoning. Dylan Thomas- poet, chronic alcoholism. John Thompson- poet, "a brutal mix of barbiturates and liquor." Georg Trakl- playwright, cocaine overdose. D. M. Turner- author/psychonaut, drowned in a bathtub while on ketamine. Ike Turner- musician/producer, died from cocaine overdose with high blood pressure and emphysema as contributing factors. Dick Twardzik- bebop jazz pianist, heroin overdose. U Stu Ungar- Three-time World Series of Poker Main Event winner, heart condition caused by long-term cocaine abuse. Enrique Urquijo- singer, drug overdose. V Paul Vaessen- former professional footballer with Arsenal, post mortem found he had a high levels of methadone, heroin, temazepam, diazepam, and alcohol in his bloodstream. Lupe Vélez- actress, secobarbital overdose (suicide). Michael VerMeulen- magazine editor, drug overdose. Sid Vicious- musician, the Sex Pistols, heroin overdose, disputed suicide. Gene Vincent- rock and roll musician, liver damage caused by alcohol. W Robert Hudson Walker- actor, died suddenly after being administered sodium amytal by his doctor. Shelby Walker- female boxer and Martial arts fighter, apparent medicine overdose. Jeremy Michael Ward- musician, The Mars Volta, apparent heroin overdose. Dinah Washington- musician, singer, overdose of diet pills and alcohol. Dave Waymer- American football defensive-back, cocaine-induced heart attack. Michael Weber- lead guitarist of The Seminal Rats, heroin overdose. Rachel Whitear- student, heroin overdose led to large-scale anti-drugs press campaign in Britain. Brett Whiteley- artist, heroin and temazepam overdose. Kurt Winter- guitarist with The Guess Who, kidney failure after sustained drug abuse. Chris Whitley- guitarist, songwriter, complications from lung cancer caused by excessive cigarette smoking. Keith Whitley- country musician, alcohol poisoning. Danny Whitten- musician, Crazy Horse, drug overdose or drugs with alcohol (disputed). Dale Whittington- racecar driver, drug overdose. Alan Wilson- musician, Canned Heat, drug overdose (possible suicide). Dennis Wilson- musician, The Beach Boys, alcohol-related drowning. Hank Williams- musician, drugs and probably alcohol. Kenneth Williams- actor, author and comedian of Carry On fame, overdose of barbiturates (accidental or suicide). Linda Wong- pornographic actress, overdose on alprazolam, chloral hydrate and alcohol. Andrew Wood- musician, lead singer Mother Love Bone, Malfunkshun, heroin overdose. Anna Wood- Australian schoolgirl, cerebral edema, caused by water intoxication and resultant hyponatremia after taking ecstasy. Natalie Wood- actress, drowned when intoxicated. Paula Yates- British TV presenter & author, partner of deceased INXS star, Michael Hutchence, heroin overdose.
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:-) Jeez And maybe on another note the media glorifies (has always) the deaths of those with a preventable illness....that is chronic.
Addictions are the only chronic disorder YOU control. Too much B/S about a hard childhood and/or predisposition to; it is the making of poor choices, being irresponsible, and especially being selfish..., yeah, that's right; Addictions = selfishness...,     :(
YOU do a great service in publicizing these deaths.  Thank you.
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